What happened to the host of Breakfast Television?


What happened to the host of Breakfast Television?

TORONTO — Roger Petersen’s time as co-host of the Toronto morning show “Breakfast Television” has come to an end. The broadcast journalist announced the news in a video on his social media accounts, calling his two years on the TV program “an incredible time” and praising the crew and co-host Dina Pugliese.

How old is Dina on Breakfast Television?

47 years (May 22, 1974)
Dina Pugliese/Age

Dina Pugliese (Italian: [ˈdiːna puʎˈʎeːze, -eːse]; born May 22, 1974) is a Canadian television personality, currently the co-host of City Toronto’s Breakfast Television. She joined the show in 2006, replacing Liza Fromer.

What happened to Tim and Sid?

Television personality Sid Seixeiro is leaving Sportsnet’s “Tim & Sid” sports talk show to become the new co-host of “Breakfast Television” on Citytv. Seixeiro will make his final appearance as co-host on the show alongside longtime partner Tim Micallef on Feb. 26.

Does Dina Pugliese have a baby?

Pugliese and Mirkovich have been together for 12 years. They don’t have children.

Who are the hosts of breakfast television?


  • Dina Pugliese – co-host.
  • Devo Brown – co-host.
  • Sid Seixeiro – co-host.
  • Frank Ferragine – weather specialist; also fill-in host and Live Eye on-location reporter.
  • Melanie Ng – news anchor and reporter.
  • Stephanie Henry – Traffic Reporter.
  • Nicole Servinis – Live Eye reporter.

Did Sid get fired from Sportsnet?

Take a look back at the most memorable and iconic moments from Tim and Sid over the years. It’s the end of an era for the most edu-taining sports duo. Longtime Sportsnet personality Sid Seixeiro will sign off from Tim & Sid for the final time on Friday.

Did Sid get fired?

Sid Seixeiro broke the news to fans that he is leaving Tim & Sid after sharing the airwaves for years and will be co-host of Breakfast Television.

Who are the members of Breakfast Television Montreal?

Breakfast Television Montreal’s initial team in August 2013: Laura Casella, standing, second from right, with Alexandre Despatie and Joanne Vrakas, front, and Catherine Verdon Diamond, Elias Makos and Wilder Weir. Verdon Diamond and Vrakas lasted the show’s entire run.

Who are the hosts of breakfast TV in Winnipeg?

CHMI-TV in Winnipeg, Manitoba produced a version of Breakfast Television from August 2, 2005 to January 6, 2015 – the station was purchased along with CKAL-DT in Calgary and CKEM-DT in Edmonton. The final hosts were Courtney Ketchen, Jeremy John, Jenna Khan and Drew Kozub.

Who are the hosts of the breakfast TV show?

Breakfast Television premiered on September 9, 1989 with co-hosts Ann Rohmer and David Onley, with MuchMusic VJ Steve Anthony broadcasting from a different spot around the area each day.

When did CKVU start the breakfast TV show?

CKVU launched Breakfast Television in 2002. Since its launch, little has changed in the show, with the exception of the news/weather/time bars on BT.