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What is a divergent boundary on the ocean floor called?


What is a divergent boundary on the ocean floor called?

Most active divergent plate boundaries occur between oceanic plates and exist as mid-oceanic ridges.

Which ocean floor features are caused by a divergent plate boundary?

Effects that are found at a divergent boundary between oceanic plates include: a submarine mountain range such as the Mid-Atlantic Ridge; volcanic activity in the form of fissure eruptions; shallow earthquake activity; creation of new seafloor and a widening ocean basin.

Where is a divergent oceanic oceanic boundary?

mid-ocean oceanic ridges
Divergent boundaries are spreading boundaries, where new oceanic crust is created to fill in the space as the plates move apart. Most divergent boundaries are located along mid-ocean oceanic ridges (although some are on land).

Where do divergent boundaries occur?

What are the most prominent features on the ocean floor?

A number of major features of the basins depart from this average—for example, the mountainous ocean ridges, deep-sea trenches, and jagged, linear fracture zones. Other significant features of the ocean floor include aseismic ridges, abyssal hills, and seamounts and guyots.

What is at the bottom of the ocean floor?

The bottom of the deep sea has several features that contribute to the diversity of this habitat. The main features are mid-oceanic ridges, hydrothermal vents, mud volcanoes, seamounts, canyons and cold seeps. Carcasses of large animals also contribute to habitat diversity.

What does a divergent boundary look like?

this what a divergent boundary would look like in action. divergent plate boundaries. Mid-ocean ridges located along divergent plate boundaries. A divergent boundary forms where two plates separate. When the seafloor spread at a mid-ocean ridge, lava erupts, cools, and forms new oceanic crust.

What does a divergent boundary create?

Divergent boundaries can create massive fault zones in the oceanic ridge system. Spreading is generally not uniform, so where spreading rates of adjacent ridge blocks are different, massive transform faults occur. These are the fracture zones, many bearing names, that are a major source of submarine earthquakes.

What causes divergent boundaries?

Divergent boundaries occur where plates are spreading apart. This spreading is caused by convective forces in the molten magma below them. As they slowly spread apart, this fluid basalt lava fills the gap and quickly solidifies, forming new oceanic crust.

Where would a divergent boundary occur?

A divergent boundary is a place where the convection currents in the mantle move upwards. This upwelling of magma splits and push the earth’s crust apart. Divergent boundaries occur at the mid ocean ridges.