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What is a motivation letter in job application?

What is a motivation letter in job application?

Your motivation letter is actually part two of your application. Your CV is a summary of the facts, such as your educational background and work experience. Your motivation letter allows you to show a bit more of your personality and indicate why you are suitable for the particular job position.

What is the difference between motivation letter and personal statement?

A personal statement is more about promoting yourself, aka why you are the right candidate for a given undergraduate degree. A motivation letter is more about your future study plans and how the Bachelor’s you are applying to is going to help you achieve your goals.

What is the meaning of motivation letter?

A motivation letter is an introductory document that accompanies other application documents. In a motivation letter you need to explain why the specific activity, course, program, internship or volunteering opportunity interests you. Cover letters on the other hand, are used when one is applying for a job.

How long can a motivation letter be?

Most motivation letters are half a page long, and never longer than 1 page! You can choose between a 3-paragraph structure (intro, body, outro), or a 5-paragraph structure (where the body includes 3 separate paragraphs).