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What is a service-learning curriculum?


What is a service-learning curriculum?

Service-learning is a teaching and learning strategy that connects academic curriculum to community problem-solving. Of these participants, high schools were most likely to engage students in community service or to include service-learning as part of their curriculum.

What are the 5 stages of service-learning?

The service-learning process takes students through the stages of Investigation, Preparation, Action, Reflection, Demonstration and Evaluation.

What are the 3 steps of service-learning?

These steps include brainstorming, focusing, implementing, evaluation and reflecting.

  • Brainstorm. To start a service-learning unit in your classroom first look at your community.
  • Focus. Next, examine each idea.
  • Implement.
  • Evaluation.
  • Reflection.
  • The Best Service-Learning Programs:

Why should curriculum be at the service of learning?

Service learning is an amazing way for students to learn about fundamental concepts such as giving and collaborating. It not only prepares your child in the classroom, but gives them valuable insights into the community and practical application of their knowledge in the real world.

What are some examples of service learning?

Types of Service-Learning

  • Tutoring other students and adults.
  • Conducting art/music/dance lessons for youth.
  • Giving presentations on violence and drug prevention.
  • Helping in a homeless shelter.
  • Creating life reviews for Hospice patients.

Do you get paid for service learning?

Are people in Service Learning programs volunteers? With both Community Service workers and service learners there is no formal exchange of money for services provided. In this way, service learners are definitely volunteers.

What are the four components of service learning?

Key Components of Service-Learning

  • Preparation.
  • Action.
  • Reflection.
  • Self – What are you feeling?
  • Other – Whom did you serve?
  • World – What new questions do you have of your world?
  • Assessment:
  • Assessment of Assets and Needs (before service)

What are the elements of service learning?

Service learning consists of three equally important elements:

  • Action (practical, community service-oriented, accountable to oneself and others)
  • Learning (professional, methodological, individual and social)
  • Reflection (professional, methodological, personal and social)

What student age group is best suited for service learning?

It is suitable for ages 5–8. Generation On! Lesson plans, training and resources that incorporate service-learning. This is a community of kids, parents, teachers and schools and is free to join.

How do you implement service-learning in the classroom?

8 fun service learning project ideas

  1. Go all out for National Clean Up Day.
  2. Donate money to the food shelf.
  3. Build a house — seriously.
  4. Volunteer at the local pet rescue.
  5. Organize a car wash and donate the money to charity.
  6. Volunteer your time with the elderly.
  7. Create a school garden.
  8. Offer tax prep assistance to the community.