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What is author statement in Elsevier?


What is author statement in Elsevier?

The corresponding author is responsible for ensuring that the descriptions are accurate and agreed by all authors. The role(s) of all authors should be listed, using the relevant above categories. Authors may have contributed in multiple roles. CRediT in no way changes the journal’s criteria to qualify for authorship.

How do you handle conflict of interest?

How to Manage a Conflict of InterestDefine who the interested persons are.Detail which types of relationships potentially represent conflicts of interest and thus need to be disclosed.Describe how your organization defines a potential financial interest.

What is the nepotism rule?

Nepotism means the act of hiring, promoting, or advancing a family member in state government or recommending the hiring, promotion, or advancement of a family member in state government, including initial appointment and transfer to other positions in state government. Forbids nepotism in the executive branch.

Is it legal to hire your friends?

Ordinarily, in the private sector, nepotism (favoritism directed exclusively or mainly toward friends or relatives regardless of merit) is not illegal, and therefore, nobody has a cause of action against an employer for engaging in it.

Is it unethical to hire a friend?

This may not be the most ethical business practice in the world, and it may harm employee morale and lead to decreased productivity, but in most cases it’s not illegal. Though most decry it as a poor management practice, it’s also widespread.

Why you should never hire your friends?

Your levels of strategy for running the business should not include being the mother, father, friend, aunt uncle, caregiver, bank or counselor to the people that you hire and when you hire friends you may end up playing all those roles and it’s difficult to have the mental toughness to separate the work from friendship …

How can I help my friend find a job?

Read on for some smart strategies for really helping a friend with her job search.Listen First. First, remember you’re her friend—not her job search consultant. Know Your Role. Reach Out to Your Contacts. Manage Expectations. Don’t Take it Personally.

How do I work with a friend?

8 Rules for Working With Friends, According to People Who’ve Done It SuccessfullyDon’t Forget That You’re Friends. Keep Personal & Business Relationships Separate. Adapt An “Opposites Attract” Mentality. Embrace Conflict. Keep Things “Legit” Pick Someone You Can Spend A Lot Of Time With. Communication Is Essential.

Is it a good idea to work for a friend?

One of the good things about working for a friend is that you may be able to rely on your knowledge to predict how she will be as a boss. Use what you know about your friend to decide if your relationship could overcome a professional disagreement or split.

Why is working with friends better?

When we’re around supportive people, we’re empowered to do our best work. It’s been shown that working with friends actually boosts employee satisfaction by 50%, and people that share a job with a best friend are seven times more likely to engage fully. Friends at work make work better.