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What is curriculum implementation PPT?


What is curriculum implementation PPT?

Curriculum Implementation  Putting into practice the written curriculum that has been designed in the syllabi, course of study, curricular guides, and subjects. It simply means that implementation should bring desired change and improvement.

What is implementing in curriculum implementation?

Curriculum implementation process involves helping the learner acquire knowledge or experience. Curriculum implementation therefore refers to how the planned or officially designed course of study is translated by the teacher into syllabuses, schemes of work and lessons to be delivered to students.

What is the process of implementing the curriculum?

The curriculum implementation process can be divided into four phases: Planning, Content and Methods, Implementation, and Evaluation and Reporting.

What’s implemented curriculum?

The actual teaching and learning activities taking place in schools through interaction between learners and teachers as well as among learners, e.g. how the intended curriculum is translated into practice and actually delivered. See also ‘Attained curriculum’, ‘Intended curriculum’. …

What is the importance of curriculum implementation?

– It helps to cope with new technology changes. – It makes the teacher to be systematic in delivery. – It helps to make the curriculum relevant to the needs of the learner and the society as a whole. – There is need to ensure effective use of curriculum resources so as to enhance maximum productivity in school.

What are the factors that influence curriculum implementation?

There are various factors that influence Curriculum Implementation like the learners, resource materials and facilities, the teacher, the school environment, culture and ideology, instructional supervision and assessment.

What is the focus of curriculum implementation?

Curriculum implementation refers to how teachers deliver instruction and assessment through the use of specified resources provided in a curriculum. Curriculum designs generally provide instructional suggestions, scripts, lesson plans, and assessment options related to a set of objectives.

What is the role of learners in curriculum implementation?

The learners are the very reason a curriculum is developed. They are the ones who are directly influenced by it. Learners in all levels make or unmake the curriculum by their active and direct involvement.

Why do we implement curriculum?

– It helps to make the curriculum relevant to the needs of the learner and the society as a whole. – Helps to give learners the appropriate/ relevant content with the application of the learner’s environment in order to make learning real. – It helps to ensure that the set goals and objectives are achieved.

How do learners affect curriculum implementation?

The learner factor influences teachers in their selection of learning experiences, hence the need to consider the diverse characteristics of learners in curriculum implementation. For example, home background and learner ability can determine what is actually achieved in the classroom.

What is the role of parents in curriculum implementation?

On their own part, parents should provide resources, monitor their wards, and volunteer in school events; develop good relationship with principals and teachers; keep school well informed about homework, curriculum problems and child development; attend school events, help in the classroom, ask questions about …

1. Implementing the Curriculum. 2. It is the phase where teacher action takes place. It is one of the most crucial processes in curriculum development although many education planners would say : “A Good plan is work half done ’’.

How are stakeholders involved in implementing the curriculum?

Implementing the Curriculum 1 •Stakeholders are individuals or institutions that are interested in the school curriculum. Their interests vary in degree and complexity. 2 •The learner is placed at the center. The learners are the very reason a curriculum is developed. 3 •Consider as the center of the educational process.

What do you mean by curriculum design plan?

Curriculum is a design PLAN for learning that requires the purposeful and proactive organization, sequencing, and management of the interactions among the teacher, the students, and the content knowledge we want students to acquire. Elapsed Time

What does it mean to implement the curricilum?

•Implementing means using the plan as a guide to engage with the learners in the teaching learning process with the end in view that learning has occurred and learning outcomes have been achieved. •It involves the different strategies of teaching with the support instructional materials to go with the strategy.