What is full form of C-DAC?


What is full form of C-DAC?

C-DAC: Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, India.

In which field C-DAC Institute does research work?

Centre for Development of Advanced Computing

Established 1988; 31 years ago
Field of research High Performance Computing, Multi-lingual Computing and Heritage Computing, Professional Electronics, Software Technologies, Health Informatics, Education

Who established C-DAC research lab?

Following a specific recommendation of the Science Advisory Council to the Prime Minister (SAC-PM) to that effect, C-DAC was established as a scientific society of the then Department of Electronics (now the Department of Information Technology (DIT) under the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology).

In which city c_ DAC situated?

C-DAC (Centre for Development of Advanced Computing) is situated in Bengaluru (Bangalore) of Karnataka state (Province) in India.

Is C-DAC exam tough?

CDAC is an easy exam to crack if planned properly. Your basic concepts should be clear. Section A : There are total 50 questions from Aptitude,Resoning and English, level of question.

What is the C-cat?

Admissions to all PG Diploma courses of C-DAC are done through C-DAC’s computerised Common Admission Test (C-CAT). Candidates have to apply for C-CAT online at or Every section in C-CAT will have 50 objective-type questions.

Who founded CDAC?

The government of India turned to Science Advisory Council to the Prime Minister for a solution. It in turn turned to the Department of Electronics. The end result was the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), which was started at Pune in 1988 by the Department of Electronics.

Which is best institute for CDAC?

Best Top 10 Ranking wise Best CDAC Institute in India

Rank CDAC Institute
3 CDAC Knowledge Park

What kind of software is needed for DCI?

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How many data centers are needed for DCI?

Distance: DCI applications vary greatly in size and scope. Data centers that require connectivity may be dispersed across a metro area, around a country, or all over the globe. It’s obvious that having enough performance to carry the most bits the farthest is critical.

What kind of DCI solution does Ciena offer?

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