What is ignorable part of pension?


What is ignorable part of pension?

The President is also pleased to enhance the ignorable part of pension from Rs. 4000/- to Rs. 15,000/- (Rupees Fifteen Thousand) in the case of Commissioned Service Officers and Civil Officers holding Group ‘A’ posts who retire before attaining the age of 55 years.

What is pension equivalent to gratuity?

Pension means the gross monthly pension and / or pension equivalent of death- cum –retirement gratuity and /or pension equivalent of gratuity or Governments contributions to contributory provident fund and / or other retirement benefits if any payable under the Central Civil services pension Rules 1972 or the relevant …

Is there any pay protection for ex-servicemen?

Pay fixation of an ex-serviceman would be through protection of pay plus D.A. drawn by him at the time of released from Armed Forces. As per the instructions issued by the Ministry of Defence vide their letter No. 2006, pre-retirement pay for those who retired after 1.1.

Can government employees work after retirement?

“In respect of retired officers belonging to all India services, Group A officers of central government or their equivalent in other organisations owned or controlled by central government, before offering employment to them on contractual/consultancy basis, vigilance clearance from the employer organisation, from …

Can an employee work after retirement age?

There is an age limit to how long officers can take contracts after their retirement. While the retirement age for central government employees is 60 years, on a contract basis they will be allowed to work till the age of 65. But this extension cant exceed for more than 5 years after retirement.

Can you take teachers pension and still work?

Can I draw my teacher’s pension and work as a teacher? Yes, you will remain entitled to your pension. If you have taken phased retirement or actuarially reduced benefits your pension will not be affected. If however you retired on age or premature grounds your pension may be abated.

What is the pay protection?

An office memorandum has been issued, by the Department of Personnel and Training, for the protection of pay of Central Government employees, consequent to their appointment to a new post in a different cadre or service within the Central Government. The order will come into effect from January, 2016.

What are pension rules?

The minimum eligibility period for receipt of pension is 10 years. A Central Government servant retiring in accordance with the Pension Rules is entitled to receive pension on completion of at least 10 years of qualifying service. Minimum pension presently is Rs. 9000 per month.

When can a pension be stopped?

Their forfeiture is only on resignation, removal or dismissal from service. After a pension is sanctioned, its continuance depends on future good conduct vide Article 351, CSR [Rule 8, CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972] but it cannot be stopped or reduced for other reasons.