What is ion exchange column?


What is ion exchange column?

Ion exchange chromatography separates ions and molecules based on their net overall surface charge. The media in a cation exchange column is negatively charged, binding positively charged molecules, and therefore cations are used for elution of the bound molecules.

How does anion exchange chromatography work?

Anion-exchange chromatography is a process that separates substances based on their charges using an ion-exchange resin containing positively charged groups, such as diethyl-aminoethyl groups (DEAE). In solution, the resin is coated with positively charged counter-ions (cations).

How do you clean an ion exchange column?

  1. Wash with 2 column volumes of detergent in a basic or acidic solution, e.g. 0.1–0.5% non-ionic detergent in 0.1 M acetic acid (see Table 21 for recommended flow).
  2. Rinse with 5 column volumes 70% ethanol to remove residual detergent (see Table 21 for recommended flow).

What happens during ion exchange?

ion-exchange reaction, any of a class of chemical reactions between two substances (each consisting of positively and negatively charged species called ions) that involves an exchange of one or more ionic components. Ions are atoms, or groups of atoms, that bear a positive or negative electric charge.

Is Q Sepharose a cation exchanger?

Q Sepharose High Performance is a strong anion exchange resin and SP Sepharose High Performance a strong cation exchanger. The Q functional group is a quaternary amino group and the SP sulphopropyl. Both are coupled to the matrix via chemically stable ether linkages.

What is Sepharose column?

Protein A Sepharose® Columns display high chemical and physical stability as well as high flow rate, hydrophilicity and high gel strength. This product can be used for IgG purification and immunoprecipitation.

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