What is margin Lite account?


What is margin Lite account?

Margin Lite is a trading facility that provides you a greater flexibility to meet your investment needs. It boosts your investment power up to 2.8 times with the convenience of hassle-free trade settlement and flexible repayment.

How do I register for CGS CIMB?


  1. Visit www.itradecimb.com.my to sign up as a user.
  2. Click on Sign Up & select Online Registration.
  3. Read & accept the Online Terms & Conditions.
  4. Complete the Online Registration Form and click Submit.

How do I trade with CIMB iTrade?

  1. Login to CGS-CIMB iTrade.
  2. Select Settlement.
  3. Click on eDeposit(NEW)
  4. Click on Online Cash Deposit button.
  5. Select your preferred bank.
  6. Key in deposit amount and click Confirm button.
  7. Key in your trading pin number.
  8. Complete the transaction at the selected bank’s internet banking website (CIMB Clicks/ Maybank2U/ FPX)

How do I withdraw money from Itradecimb?

Instruction to withdraw cash

  1. Print and complete this Withdrawal Request Form. Thereafter, fax the duly signed copy to us at +603 7710 0377, or.
  2. Email the instruction to us at [email protected]. Indicate your name, trading account number, amount to withdraw and Bank account name and number.

What is trading limit CGS CIMB?

Trading limit is 2x cash & 1x shares value.

What is share margin financing?

Share Margin Financing is a facility that allows you to increase your financial power and boost your investments in stocks and shares. All you need to do is to place either cash and/or marginable securities as collateral for the credit facility applied for.

What is trading limit in CGS CIMB?

What does CGS-CIMB stand for?

Group China Galaxy International
CIMB Group. China Galaxy International. © CGS-CIMB Securities International Pte.

How do I cash out iTRADE?

You can withdraw funds from your non-registered account to a linked bank account by logging onto scotiaitrade.com and selecting the “Transfer” tab. Alternatively you can request a cheque or a wire out. To request a cheque, click on “Manage My Accounts > Additional Services > Withdraw Funds” and submit your request.