What is meant by hedonic?


What is meant by hedonic?

1 : of, relating to, or characterized by pleasure. 2 : of, relating to, or characterized by hedonism. Other Words from hedonic Example Sentences Learn More About hedonic.

What is hedonic and utilitarian?

Utilitarian products are effective, helpful, functional, necessary, and practical, whereas hedonic products are fun, exciting, delightful, thrilling, and enjoyable (Dhar & Wertenbroch, 2000; Voss et al., 2003).

What are hedonic motives in marketing?

Hedonic motivation refers to the influence of a person’s pleasure and pain receptors on their willingness to move towards a goal or away from a threat.

What is hedonic behavior?

Hedonic aspect relates to pleasure experienced or anticipated from the behavior. Hedonic aspect results from the esthetic/ emotional feelings listed by Holbrook and Hirschman (1982) and Hirschman and Solomon (1984), such as love, hate, fear, joy, boredom, etc., in addition to like/ dislike.

What is hedonistic example?

The definition of hedonism is the relentless pursuit of pleasure. An example of hedonism is an ethical theory suggesting the pursuit of pleasure should be the ultimate goal. An example of hedonism is a constant quest for pleasure and satisfaction. Self-indulgent pursuit of pleasure as a way of life.

What is hedonic benefit?

1. All those benefits derived from the use and enjoyment of the product. Principally they refer to entertainment, exploration, and expression of value, given that these provide pleasure, emotions and self-esteem ( Chandon, Wansink, & Laurent, 2000 ).

What is an example of hedonic consumption?

Hedonic consumption is products bought by a consumer that satisfies their emotional and sensory needs, after basic needs have been met (food, shelter or clothing). Examples of Hedonic consumption in a lot of cases would be designer watches or luxurious cars, all of which exceed the basic need.

What is hedonic content?

Hedonic value is defined as that value a customer receives based on the subject experience of fun and playfulness (Babin et al. 1994). Learn more in: Understanding Consumer Recommendation Behavior. 3. The degree to which a product/service arouses emotions and creates pleasant experiences.