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What is NOM standard?


What is NOM standard?

What is an Official Mexican Standard (NOM)? Official Mexican Standards, or Normas Oficiales Mexicanas (NOMs), are legal enforcement documents regulating products, processes, or services that may constitute a safety or health risk for people, animals, plants, or the environment in general.

What is a NOM 019?

Mexico has specific rules about how electronic products must be labeled in order to be certified under NOM-001 and NOM-019, sometimes known as “safety certs.” The label, which provides identifying information about the product, can be printed directly on the product or affixed to it.

What does NOM mean on electronics?

NOM. This symbol denotes a device’s approval by the Norma Oficial Mexicana (or Official Mexican Standard) regulatory body. NYCE. Usually accompanied by the NOM mark, this mark means a product is certified by the Normalización y Certificación Electrónica (or Electronics Standardization and Certification).

How do I get NOM certified?

A NOM certification is only granted by the Mexican government to manufacturers, importers and sellers from countries that the government has a free trade treaty or an agreement regarding trade. First-time applicants must provide two original service agreement copies that have been signed on each page and section.

What does NOM mean in tequila?

Norma Oficial Mexicana number
The meaning of NOM The Norma Oficial Mexicana number, or NOM number denotes that the bottle is authentic tequila produced in Mexico. It also tells you which tequila producer it comes from. Our distillery—Tequila Patrón—has a NOM of 1492.

What is a NOM certification?

The Norma Oficial Mexicana (NOM) certification is a set of technical regulations and standards required by the Mexican government that spans many different industries. As a product enters Mexico it is assigned a “fraccion arancelaria” (Tariff / HTS Code), based on which a NOM will apply or not to the product.

What is NYCE certification?

NYCE is a certification body with more than 20 years of experience in the development of standards and conformity assessment of different regulations at national (NOM, NMX) and international (ISO, IEC) levels. We count with a wide portfolio of services in training and standardization, verification and certification.

What is nom value?

NOM = Nominal, that’s the value you normally can expect, and what the device is designed to. Note that nominal values are often not the best to calculate with.

What does NVM mean in tequila?

NOM stands for Norma Oficial Mexicana but usually in the industry, you’ll hear them referred to as NORMAS. NORMAS represent the legal standards that tequilas makers must adhere to when they’re making our beloved spirit and they’re governed by a regulating agency called the CRT.