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What is posting up in the golf swing?


What is posting up in the golf swing?

Above all, having your weight shift into the heel of the front leg, (the leg that is posting up) will keep you from over torquing that front knee. Injuries in posting up come from having your weight slammed into the outside of the front foot or even having that weight get out onto your toes.

When should I straighten my left leg in golf?

Golf instructor Scott Young says it’s okay for your left leg to straighten in the downswing and post up into a straight position through the finish. This movement will prevent you from moving laterally on the downswing, which weakens your impact.

Which is the lead leg in golf?

The left foot, or lead foot, needs to move into inversion. At the same time the right foot, or trail foot, needs to move into eversion in order to maximize ground force interaction. Improper mobility of the ankle joint could lead to a sway or slide in your golf swing. This is far more common than people realize.

Which leg is more important in golf?

In fact, lead leg strength may actually be more important for a golfer as it is responsible for creating force in the downswing yet from my testing experience is often the weaker leg.

Does right leg straighten on backswing?

The better player tends to over-rotate the right hip on the backswing, which causes the right leg to straighten and the upper body to tilt away from the target too much (bottom inset). Both faults prevent a powerful coiling action against a stable lower body, leading to weak downswings.

What do my legs do in the down swing?

On the downswing, the front leg and foot will return to their original address position and stay there throughout the rest of the swing, including the follow-through. In this process, knee straightening will occur and remain throughout the rest of the swing. This front leg is the stable base of your swing.

Should back leg straighten in golf swing?

Back knee straightening: Allowing your back leg/knee to straighten during the backswing is just about as crippling as allowing it to sway to the outside. Other, better players also straighten the back knee because they try to over rotate their hips for a bigger wind up.