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What is second largest city in Sweden?


What is second largest city in Sweden?

The second biggest city, Gothenburg (Göteborg) had about half as many inhabitants, with about 580,000 people….Sweden: The largest cities in 2020 (in thousand inhabitants)

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What are 2 cities in Sweden?

The Five Biggest Cities In Sweden

  • Stockholm. Stockholm is Sweden’s capital and biggest city.
  • Gothenburg. Ranking second among the biggest cities in Sweden is Gothenburg, a city on the west coast of Sweden by the Kattegat.
  • Malmö
  • Uppsala.
  • Västerås.

What are the 3 major cities in Sweden?

The southern part is the most densely populated where the three largest cities in Sweden — Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö — are bustling.

Which are the biggest cities in Sweden?

List of urban areas in Sweden by population

  • Stockholm – 1,515,017.
  • Göteborg – 599,011.
  • Malmö – 316,588.
  • Uppsala – 160,462.
  • Upplands Väsby and Sollentuna urban area – 144,826.
  • Västerås – 122,953.
  • Örebro – 120,650.
  • Linköping – 111,267.

What is the main city in Sweden?


What is the least populated city in Sweden?

The least populated county was Norrbotten, with only 2.6 inhabitants per square kilometer. As the densely populated county, the rents for rented dwellings in Stockholm were higher than in Sweden’s other counties.

What are cities called in Sweden?

The urban centres of these municipalities are still called stad in daily speech and 14 of the municipalities have chosen to continue to call themselves stad in marketing situation, although several of them now encompass large rural areas following the merger of Swedish municipalities in the 1970s and 1980s.

Is Sweden bigger than UK?

Sweden is about 1.9 times bigger than United Kingdom. United Kingdom is approximately 243,610 sq km, while Sweden is approximately 450,295 sq km, making Sweden 85% larger than United Kingdom. Meanwhile, the population of United Kingdom is ~65.8 million people (55.6 million fewer people live in Sweden).

Can you survive in Sweden with English?

Yes and no, depending on where you go. Most workers on the SL transport network speak English, and a lot of the information is in Swedish and English. However, most Swedes do expect that if you have been here for 6 months +, you do have a good command of the language.

Which is the second largest city in Australia?

Australia’s second-largest is known for its quality of life, and Melbourne is consistently ranked at the top of the most liveable cities in the world. Melbourne is also closing in on the gap to Sydney since the population growth here is faster with more people moving to Melbourne than other major cities in Australia.

Which is the second largest city in Sweden?

Ranking second among the biggest cities in Sweden is Gothenburg, a city on the west coast of Sweden by the Kattegat. In 1621, the city was founded by King Gustavus Adolphus. The Port of Gothenburg is the biggest port in the Nordic countries.

Which is the state capital of South Australia?

Adelaide is the state capital of South Australia and the fifth largest city in the country. Named after Queen Adelaide and founded in 1836, Adelaide was the only original settlement of non-convicts in Australia. • more info.

How big is a city in South Australia?

This is a list of cities/towns in South Australia by urban centre population. Urban centres are defined by the Australian Bureau of Statistics as being a population cluster of 1,000 or more people.