What is SWI module?


What is SWI module?

The SWI-CAN is a necessary interface for vehicles with SWC Controls that broadcast on a dual wire CAN Bus. This module can interpret CAN Bus messages and convert them to an analog output.

What is a steering wheel control module?

The automotive steering column is a device envisioned primarily for connecting the steering wheel to the steering mechanism or transferring the driver’s input rotation from the steering wheel. The module that controls the switches “on” or “around/below” the steering wheel is known as the steering column control module.

How do I program my SWI RC?

Press and hold programming/ mode button on SWI-RC. Turn the vehicle ignition to the ON position while still holding the button in. The LED on the SWI-RC will light.

What is the SWC output wire?

SWC is an acronym standing for Steering Wheel Control. An SWC interface is a module that connects a vehicle’s OEM steering wheel controls with an aftermarket headunit or radio replacement unit.

How do you check steering wheel controls?


  1. Disconnect the SWC Interface from the plug.
  2. Place your positive (red) probe on the first Analog Channel.
  3. Ground the negative probe to the wire you were instructed to ground in the wiring guide.
  4. Press and hold the Volume Up button on the steering wheel and look for a response on the meter.

How do I reset my PAC SWI RC?

A. The interface can be reset, when not connected via USB, by pressing and holding the programming button on the side of the interface for seven seconds until the LED turns amber. This reset can only be done while the module is connected to the vehicle.

When did PAC start making steering wheel control?

PAC pioneered the OEM steering wheel control (SWC) category back in the 1990’s, and continues to set the standard for quality, reliability and ease of installation. PAC holds three US patents for SWC interface engineering and is looked to by the mobile audio and electronics industry as the “go to guys” for SWC interface innovations.

Is the PAC SWI-RC steering wheel control interface compatible?

BRAND NEW! FAST SHIPPING! 3 YEAR WARRANTY INCLUDED! The aftermarket radio MUST be equipped with a wired remote input (3.5mm headphone style jack or Blue/Yellow wire) to be compatible (ex. a port or wire on the back of the radio labeled W/R, REM, Wired Remote, Remote, Rem Cont etc.).

Which is the latest steering wheel control interface?

The introduction of the new SWI-CP2 represents a major shift in how technicians will install steering wheel control interfaces. Many installers associate steering wheel audio control connectivity solutions with frustration due to complicated installation and configuration procedures. PAC has set out to change that perception.

What makes Pac SWC interfaces better than the competition?

PAC SWC interfaces let you retain the function of OEM steering wheel controls after the factory radio has been removed and replaced with an aftermarket model. In some cases, our SWC interfaces even support factory installed features like Bluetooth™. What makes PAC SWC interfaces better than the competition?