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What is the Bankamericard Platinum Plus Visa?

What is the Bankamericard Platinum Plus Visa?

The Bank of America Platinum Plus Visa Card also charges no fee for balance transfers requested at the time of application. Cardholders also receive travel and emergency assistance, automatic auto rental insurance and Bank of America’s Purchase Replacement and Purchase Guard.

Is Bank of America Platinum honors worth it?

The Bank of America Preferred Rewards program is probably not worth pursuing unless you qualify for Platinum Honors and maximize the 75% bonus on credit card earnings.

What credit score is needed for Bank of America premium rewards card?

So it’s a good idea to check your latest credit score before you apply. You’ll likely need a score of at least 750 for good approval odds.

What is Bank of America Platinum Plus Mastercard?

The Bank of America Platinum Plus Mastercard Business card provides no rewards, but does offer an unusually low APR for those that qualify. The card has no annual fee and offers both a cash bonus and 0% APR introductory offer.

Does Bank of America have a platinum card?

Card Summary The Bank of America® Platinum Plus® Mastercard® Business card is a business credit card. It offers an introductory 0% annual percentage rate on purchases for the first seven billing cycles and a standard variable APR of 10.24% to 21.24% APR, based on your personal or your business’s creditworthiness.

How long is a billing cycle?

Your credit card billing cycle will typically last anywhere from 28 to 31 days, depending on the card issuer. The amount of days in your billing cycle may fluctuate month to month, since the number of days in each month varies, but there are regulations to ensure that they are as “equal” as possible.

What is platinum honors at Bank of America?

With Platinum Honors, members get a 75 percent rewards bonus on their eligible Bank of America credit cards, along with unlimited no-fee transactions at non-Bank of America ATMs across the U.S. and in U.S. territories.

What is a reward Platinum account?

About NatWest | Reward Platinum Account Customers will receive mobile and worldwide travel insurance, UK car breakdown cover and earn 2% rewards on household bills that are paid by Direct Debit which can be applied to council tax, mobile or landline phone, TV, water, gas, electricity and broadband.

Do Bank of America Premium Rewards points expire?

No limit to the points you can earn and your points don’t expire. If you’re a Bank of America Preferred Rewards member, you can earn 25%-75% more points on every purchase. That means you could earn up to 3.5 points for every $1 spent on travel and dining purchases.

What is a Platinum Check Card Bank of America?

Platinum Honors Tier Once you meet this criterion, you’ll receive fee-free banking services for personal checking and savings accounts. You’ll also receive an interest rate discount on auto loans of 0.50%, or 50 basis points, as well as a $600 reduction in mortgage origination fees on a new purchase or refinance.

How often can you increase credit limit Bank of America?

every six months
Bank of America and other credit card companies often increase customers’ credit lines every six months or every year if they are making payments on time, and using their card often. If you’re automatically offered an increase, it won’t result in a hard inquiry on your credit report.

How do I get a platinum card from Bank of America?

To enroll in the Preferred Rewards program you must have an active, eligible Bank of America personal checking account and maintain a qualifying balance of at least $20,000 for the Gold tier, $50,000 for the Platinum tier, or $100,000 for the Platinum Honors tier in your combined qualifying Bank of America deposit …