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What is the combination for the golden claw door in Skyrim?


What is the combination for the golden claw door in Skyrim?

The answer is Snake, Snake, Fish, which allows you to safely pull the lever, raise the gate and progress.

How do I open the dragonstone door in Skyrim?

When you come to a wall, pull the handle on the pedestal to the right to open the hidden door. Continue down the passageway until you reach the exit. Give the Dragonstone to Farengar. Once you are outside, you can open your map and fast-travel back to Dragonsreach in Whiterun.

How do you get the golden claw in Skyrim if Arvel gets away?

In Bleak Falls Burrow, after you cut Arvel down from the spiders web, he will run away with the The Golden Claw.

What is the combination for Bleak Falls Barrow?

The correct sequence is: snake, snake, swordfish. Pull the lever once you’ve set this pattern to open the gate.

Who stole the golden claw Skyrim?


The Golden Claw – MS13
ID Journal Entry
10 Lucan Valerius in Riverwood is offering me a gold reward if I retrieve his antique Golden Claw, stolen by bandits camped in Bleak Falls Barrow. Objective 10: Retrieve the Golden Claw

What do you do with the Golden Claw in Skyrim?

The claw is the key, however it will not open the door like a regular key would. Instead, examine the claw in your inventory and you will see several symbols engraved in it, palm side up. Set each ring to the correct seal and open the door. From the outermost to the innermost ring, the solution is Bear—Moth—Owl.

Where to find the Golden Claw quest door?

Be wary of wolves and bandits on the way up, and at the end of the path is the Temple. Take out some more bandits, then climb the steps to the right and enter Bleak Falls Temple. The location of the Bleak Falls Barrow dungeon. Just inside, run through the cavern and encounter the two bandits by the fire.

What do you set on the door to open it in the claw?

What combination do you set on the door to open it in “The Claw”? What is the combination you need to set on the door in the “Black Falls Sanctum” to open it with the golden claw? To figure out the puzzle of the Golden Claws you can examine them in your inventory. Here is an image to the one you are speaking of:

How do you solve the Golden Claw puzzle?

To solve the puzzle, you’re going to have to use the Golden Claw to open the door. You obtain the claw by killing the man you freed from the webs earlier. If you don’t kill him yourself, he’ll get himself killed, letting you loot his body. No matter what he says, he will try to run off with the claw after you help him.