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What is the difference between a potjie and a stew?


What is the difference between a potjie and a stew?

“Potjiekos” is a traditional Afrikaner dish hailing from South Africa. The difference between a “potjie” and a stew is that a “potjie” is never stirred during the cooking process and is always cooked slowly over hot coals in a cast iron pan.

Can you cook a potjie on the stove?

The flat bottom makes these pots very versatile – you can bake in them over coals, or you can cook or bake in them on your ordinary stove and oven. When baking, you must grease the potjie and inside of the lid carefully with butter or margarine.

What is the meaning of Potjiekos?

small-pot food
In South Africa, a potjiekos /ˈpɔɪkiːkɒs/, literally translated “small-pot food”, is a dish prepared outdoors.

What do you eat with Potjiekos?

Potjie can be served over traditional accompaniments such as flavoured or plain, pap, rice or even noodles. A couple of mixed salads, potato salads or another South African favourite, Three-bean salad. Everyone loves home made bread. Try potbrood, homemade wholewheat bread or vetkoek.

Do you stir a Potjie?

The difference between a “potjie” and a stew is that a “potjie” is never stirred during the cooking process! Once you have built your “potjie” and put on the lid, you will not lift it again unless it is to serve up the dish.

What does the rings on a potjie mean?

Did you know? The number of rings on your potjie pot multiplied by the size of the pot equals the number of servings it can make. For example, this size 3 pot has 4 rings on the outside, therefore it can hold up to 12 servings of your favourite, homemade potjie!

How do you prepare a Potjie for the first time?

Cooking with Your Cast Iron Pot

  1. Wash out with hot soapy water and steel wool. Leave to dry.
  2. Coat the inside with any cooking oil and place on heat until oil begins to smoke.
  3. Allow to cool.
  4. Wipe with a paper towel.
  5. Repeat until the paper towel comes out clean.

What does the rings on a Potjie mean?

How to make potjiekos at home in South Africa?

POTJIEKOS. 1 Oil to cover the base of your potjie. 2 1kg Lamb (on the bone) 3 2 Onions, chopped. 4 Chunks of Potatoes, Carrots, Baby marrows and Green Beans. 5 2 tsps Ginger and Garlic paste. 6 Salt to taste. 7 Black Pepper to taste. 8 1 400gr can of Diced Tomatoes. 9 A few Bay Leaves Instructions.

Is there a specific recipe for a potjie?

A “potjie” is a very informal way of preparing food and as such it is very difficult to provide amounts or specific recipes for the dishes. The reason for this is that it all depends on the size of the pot and the specific type of “potjie” being made.

Which is the best recipe for potjiekos Lamb?

This is one of the best lamb Potjie recipes ever not only for its traditional value but also because of its fast preparation. Any interesting vegetables, for instance; baby marrow, green beans, mushrooms, sweet potato and peppers Place Potjiekos pot over a flame to heat the butter or olives.

How long does it take to cook potjiekos in a pot?

Start by heating oil in a heavy pot then fry the onion and meat until they turn brown. Season them to taste. 2. Add water enough to cover the meat and adjust the flame to provide low heat. Add wine if you prefer, and then simmer the meat to become tender for about 60 to 90 minutes. 3.