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What is the largest publicly traded company in the US?

What is the largest publicly traded company in the US?

Largest American companies by market capitalization

# Name 1d
1 Apple 1AAPL 1.42%
2 Microsoft 2MSFT 2.00%
3 Alphabet (Google) 3GOOG 1.80%
4 Amazon 4AMZN 0.98%

What was the biggest public company in 2019?


Rank First quarter Third quarter
1 Microsoft 904,860 Microsoft 1,062,000
2 Apple 835,670 Apple 1,012,000
3 Amazon 874,710 Amazon 858,680
4 Alphabet 818,160 Alphabet 838,020

What is the most powerful company in America?

Walmart, with its army of workers and massive sales, ranks as the most powerful company in America.

What are the 4 trillion dollar companies?

Apple (ticker: AAPL) is still the world’s most valued company, at $2.249 trillion, followed by Microsoft (MSFT) at $2.024 trillion. Amazon (AMZN) is valued at $1.74 trillion, Google-parent Alphabet (GOOGL) is at $1.67 trillion and Facebook (FB) is now worth $1.008 trillion.

Who are the largest public companies in the world?

The List #1 ICBC China $190.5 B $45.8 B #2 JPMorgan Chase United States $136.2 B $40.4 B #3 Berkshire Hathaway United States $245.5 B $42.5 B #4 China Construction Bank China $173.5 B $39.3 B #5 Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco) Saudi Arabia $229.7 B $49.3 B

Who are the largest food companies in the world?

It relies on the many ranches in the fertile land of Brazil where it is headquartered. The company has bought several companies over the last 30 years, and has invested in American meat packing companies. Lately, the company has suffered because of government investigations amid allegations of fraud and bribery.

How many government owned companies are there in the world?

This is a world-wide list of government-owned companies. This list can be considered as non-exhaustive because of lack of space and time. For example, as of October 2019, China alone has more than 350 individual entries in the Government-owned companies of China Category Page .

Which is the largest employer in the United States?

The restaurants do approximately $80 million of revenue per day worldwide. The Walmart stores are the largest retail outlet in America. It’s the largest private employer in the US and the privately owned company with the most employees. It’s also the company with the largest revenue in the world.