What is the meaning of Oh bugger?


What is the meaning of Oh bugger?

used to express anger: Oh bugger, it’s raining!

Is it rude to say bugger off?

to leave or go away, used especially as a rude way of telling someone to go away: By the time I got there you two had already buggered off!

Is it bugger or booger?

As nouns the difference between booger and bugger is that booger is (us) a piece of solid or semisolid mucus in or removed from the nostril or booger can be (surfing|slang|mildly derogatory) bodyboarder while bugger is bloke, fellow, chap.

Why is bugger off rude?

If someone buggers off, they go away quickly and suddenly. People often say bugger off as a rude way of telling someone to go away.

Is Frick a swear word?

Frick isn’t a swear word. I know there are certain individuals who think c r a p is a swear word (even though it really isn’t), but “frick” isn’t a swear word by any sense of the meaning of “swear word”. No one is going to get offended by someone saying “frick”.

What does the word Buggar mean in Australia?

buggar Buggar or Bugger 1.This word is most often used in negative terms to represent indiffernce, pity, annoyance/anger, sympathy, defeat or can be simply used as an exclamation of suprise or insult. Australian for “oh shit”. Australian slang meaning: To fuck someone in the ass.

What does the military term bugger’s muddle mean?

Colloquial military term for a disorderly group—either assembled without formation or in a formation that does not meet the standards of the commentator: just form a bugger’s muddle, there’s a bugger’s muddle of civvies hanging around the gate, Get that bugger’s muddle of yours fallen in properly.

What does it mean when someone says I’m buggered?

“I’m buggered”, “I’ll be buggered” and “bugger me” are used colloquially in Great Britain (and often in New Zealand and Australia as well) to denote or feign surprise at an unexpected (or possibly unwanted) occurrence. “I’m buggered” can also be used to indicate a state of fatigue.