What is the song in the new Lynx advert?


What is the song in the new Lynx advert?

The music playing in this 2021 Lynx advert is a song called ‘The New Effect Freestyle’ that’s been recorded by TNLE featuring the British rapper Aitch, who appears in the ad.

Who is in the latest Lynx advert?

The brand overhaul which covers everything from a new look and feel on pack to a raft of new, innovative products, will also be celebrated with a new advert featuring brand ambassadors Anthony Joshua, Chunkz, Calfreezy and Aitch.

Who is the rapper in the Lynx advert?

Rap battle sensation Chunkz and YouTube giant Calfreezy, both brand ambassadors, also feature in Unilever’s star-studded campaign, which aims to snare the Gen-Z audience in this slick, fun and fresh rebrand. It is set to a soundtrack from British rapper and grime sensation Aitch.

Who is the woman in the Lynx Africa advert?

Rachel Grant – British Philippine actress and TV host, award-winning producer and travel writer, also known as Peaceful from James Bond.

Is chunks in the Lynx advert?

More videos on YouTube The band-new advert features many stars including rapper Aitch, professional boxer Anthony Joshua (and his dog), YouTuber Calfreezy and musician and YouTuber Chunks. Our iconic star captured the attention of a girl model on the side of a bus who comes to life.

Who is the boy in the Lynx Africa advert?

AJ Tracey stars in Lynx Africa advert The Lynx Africa 2020 advert features some famous faces, including rapper Aj Tracey and sportsman Anthony Joshua. Anthony is shown as a bobble head on the dashboard of a car shown in the advert, and he is of course equipped with his famous boxing gloves.

Who is in the Lynx 2020 advert?

Is Calfreezy in the Lynx advert?

Deodorant brand Lynx released a new advert for their latest product, featuring boxing champion Anthony Joshua and YouTuber Calfreezy.

Who sponsors Lynx?

Lynx, theUK’s leading male grooming brand, has launched its latest TVC featuring long standing ambassador Anthony Joshua OBE, and his ‘Ice Chill Crew’, comprising Manchester United and England Midfielder Jesse Lingard, UK rapper Tinie Tempah and YouTube star Calfreezy, to promote the brand’s new range of grooming …

Who is the boy in the Lynx Africa advert 2020?

Who is in the Lynx Africa ad?

This month sees the release of this TV advert for Lynx Africa that stars boxing champ Anthony Joshua, rapper AJ Tracey, and a rather excited squirrel.

Who sponsors Mayweather?

Hublot, Burger King, and Fanduel made it onto the trunks of the former multi-weight world champion as he defeated the Filipino superstar. The only other deal he has is with glove company Grant Worldwide for his boxing gloves.

What’s the name of the song in the Lynx AD?

Aitch) The music in the Lynx 2021 advert is a new song called ‘The New Effect Freestlyle’ that was recorded by TNLE featuring British rapper and songwriter Aitch who as mentioned appears early in the ad. The song has been launched as part of the Lynx campaign as a collaboration (hence the acronym TNLE which stands for ‘The New Lynx Effect’).

Who is the guy in the new Lynx commercial?

This new 2021 Lynx advert song is an original piece of music recorded by TNLE (#TheNewLynxEffect), featuring one of the commercial’s stars, British rapper Aitch, who we see at the beginning of the video in the guy’s bathroom cabinet mirror.

Are there any TV ads that use old songs?

The 80s and 90s had a flurry of TV adverts that used classic old songs. Often well known songs, but ones that hadn’t been released for years or decades. The adverts often gave them a new lease of life. In several instances below, the songs were re-released as a result of being shown in the advert, and made it back into the charts.

What was the song in the Halifax advert?

The Commodores – Easy like a Sunday Morning – Halifax Another iconic advert that I have imprinted on my brain. I remember everyone saying at the time how cool this advert was and how amazing the guy’s warehouse loft apartment was. And although the song was already a big song, this advert really made everyone of all ages get to know it well.