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What is the word Alouette mean?


What is the word Alouette mean?

French. a lark. (initial capital letter) a French children’s song for group singing.

What Bird is an Alouette?

Horned Lark
The Horned Lark is known in French as Alouette hausse-col. Have you ever heard of the famous French Canadian song “Alouette”? That song talks about plucking feathers from a beautiful – but overly vocal – Lark.

Do larks sing?

Horned Larks sing a delicate, musical song particularly in the early morning as early as an hour and a half before sunrise. It’s a fast, high-pitched sequence of sharp, tinkling notes, often rising in pitch to a quick jumble of concluding notes.

When was Alouette composed?

The song was published later as “Alouette” in the McGill College Song Book (Montreal 1885). The first known printed version in France dates from 1893: it appeared in Julien Tiersot’s Revue des traditions populaires, vol 8 (Paris)….”Alouette!”

Published Online February 7, 2006
Last Edited January 21, 2014

What is the meaning of the word Alouette?

‘alouette’ in Other Languages. British English: lark NOUN. A lark is a small brown bird which makes a pleasant sound. American English: lark. Brazilian Portuguese: cotovia. Chinese: 云雀. European Spanish: alondra. French: alouette.

Where did the song Alouette Gentille come from?

However, there is an old song by Frenchman Nicolas Millot that was published in 1578 (211 years before the French Revolution) and no doubt “Alouette, gentille alouette” originates in that song. You can read it with an English translation in this document by Frank Dobbins (professor at Montreal University).

When did we learn to sing Alouette in French?

When we sang this as a child in the 60’s, we only knew it in French as a cheery fun melody to sing and I do remember learning the french words for the body parts]

What does Alouette mean in Circle Game song?

You can hear Alouette, gentile alouette on Mama Lisa’s World Canada page. Monique wrote, “This reference to larks being cooked and eaten can also be found in the circle game song ‘Bonjour Guillaume’. It’s a circle game song that goes…”