What is the work of BPM in GDS?


What is the work of BPM in GDS?

In GDS Post Office, BPM as Team Leader. Overall management of Postal Facilities, Maintenance of Records, ensuring Online Transactions, Marketing of Postal, IPPB Services, Procurement of Business in Villages/ Gram Panchayats & Other duties. Branch Postmaster has to do all the work of BPM / ABPM.

Can GDS BPM get promotion?

As you know each and every job in the universe have promotion chances, to get into the next level at carreer. The gramin dak sevak jobs such GDS BPM, GDS ABPM(gds md, gds mc, gds packer) also having promotion examinations. There are three types of GDS promotion chances, GDS promotion to Postman/Mail Guard Exam.

What is the maximum salary of GDS BPM?

The Branch Post Master Salary details for BPM or Branch Post Master is as below: New Salary: The minimum TRCA for 4 Hours/Level 1 in the TRCA slab is 12000/- per month and the maximum is Rs. 29, 380/-.

Can GDS BPM get transfer?

Education and Police verification report etc. have been completed. (vii) Transfer request of GDS who are under put off duty or against whom any disciplinary action….Wage Matrix Table for Gramin Dak Sevaks (GDS) Employees.

SI Level of GDS Transfer Allowed (level of GDS)
2 BPM Level 2 BPM Level-2 in TRCA slab 3

Is GDS BPM a permanent job?

The appointment on GDS posts are done as a substitute to those for regular vacancies, hence these are permanent posts.

Is GDS BPM good job?

Is GDS BPM and ABPM is central government job or not? Yes. All GDS working in India posts are central government job. GDS will not get all the benefits of civil servants working Central Government but will get maximum benefits as other central government jobs.

Can GDS transfer to other state?

The transfer of GDS will be approved by Regional PMG, if the transfer is within the Region and by the Head of the Circle, if the transfer is within the Circle The approval of two concerned Head of Circle will be required, if the transfer is between two Circles.

Are post office jobs transferable?

(i) As a general rule, no official shall be transferred from one unit to another, either within the same Circle, or to another Circle unless he has completed probation period satisfactorily.

What do you need to know about GDS BPM?

Before joining the post of GDS BPM, the Department of Posts gives training to GDS BPM. You will be happy to hear that GDS employees also have a union. GDS BPM union also works to protect the right of GDS BPM employees. The department of Posts gives salary on a TRCA basis to GDS BPM.

Who is the GDS BPM of India Post?

GDS BPM means that he is the branch postmaster of a branch post office (BO) and manages all the work of that particular branch post office. Although a huge number of employees are already working in India Post GDS BPM, many posts of GDS BPM are still vacant in the various post offices.

Can a female GDS BPM be transferred only once?

A male GDS BPM can be transferred only one-time but a female GDS BPM has two changes for transfer. GDS BPM Promotion:- GDS BPM can be promoted on the post of MTS, PA, and Postman in the post offices. He will have to fight the departmental exam of the India Post.

Is the GDS BPM included in the TRCA calculation?

In some branch post offices, the GDS BPM has to do all the works of GDS BPM /GDS ABPM. Note: The work of IPPB which is performed by a GDS BPM will not be included in the calculation of TRCA, since the same is being done on an incentive basis.