What kind of artist is Peter Doig?


What kind of artist is Peter Doig?

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Peter Doig ( DOYG; born 17 April 1959) is a British painter. One of the most renowned living figurative painters, he has settled in Trinidad since 2002. In 2007, his painting White Canoe sold at Sotheby’s for $11.3 million, then an auction record for a living European artist.

What techniques does Peter Doig use?

Generally, my paintings are made with thinned-out oil paint. Over time, different areas are built up and made more opaque. The sense of light, space and mood of a painting does not come naturally (or by a known skill) but through working, and often by chance.

What is Peter Doig known for?

Peter Doig (Scottish, born April 12, 1959) is a painter renowned for his landscapes, inspired by his own itinerant lifestyle, and by the physical progressions of modern society. Doig paints from photographic sources, such as his own pictures of landscapes, film stills, and images from newspapers and magazines.

How did Peter Doig become famous?

By 2007 Doig had become Europe’s most valuable living painter when his painting White Canoe (1990-91) sold at auction for a record-breaking $7.5 million. Although the $7.5 million sale catapulted Doig into celebrity status, the sale troubled him. It was, Doig believed, a symptom of an art market gone mad.

Who is Gheorghe Virtosu?

A self-taught artist, Gheorghe Virtosu was born on April the 14th 1968, in a small village in Basarabia, within a loving Romanian family. Having envisaged a military career for himself, Gheorghe Virtosu took very seriously his physical training, as well as the military service.

How many children does Peter Doig have?

Doig’s land is near the water, and he has never built on it. When he moved to Trinidad, in 2002, with Bonnie and their four daughters, Celeste, Simone, Eva, and Alice (August, their youngest child and only boy, was born there), they lived in a house in Port of Spain.

Who influenced Peter Doig?

Many of Doig’s paintings are landscapes, somewhat abstract, with a number harking back to the snowy scenes of his childhood in Canada. He draws inspiration for his figurative work from photographs, newspaper clippings, movie scenes, record album covers and the work of earlier artists like Edvard Munch.

What inspired Damien Hirst?

Artist Damien Hirst has revealed the inspiration for his famous spin paintings – an episode of children’s TV show Blue Peter, which demonstrated the technique in 1975. “I grew up with Blue Peter,” he said. “I got my idea for the spin paintings from an episode in the 1970s.”

What does Doig mean?

Doig is a surname originating from Scotland. This is an anglicised form of the Olde Scots Gaelic name Mac Gille Doig – a compound of the elements “mac” meaning “son of”, “gille”, a servant, plus the personal name Doig, a short form of Cadog. The name therefore translates as “son of St. Cadog’s servant”.

Why is Damien Hirst so successful?

A successful and controversial artist, Damien Hirst emerged as a leading figure in the Young British Artists movement in the late 1980s and 1990s. His works, which include dead animal displays and spin-art paintings, have sold for exceptionally high prices. Hirst is one of the wealthiest artists living today.

What kind of surname is Doig?

What kind of painting does Peter Doig do?

Scottish -born painter Peter Doig has redefined the genre of landscape painting, infusing traditional methods and settings with his unique, figurative style and elements of magic realism.

When was Peter Doig born and how old is he?

Peter Doig (/ˈdɔɪɡ/ DOYG; born 17 April 1959) is a Scottish painter.

How much did Peter Doig’s White Canoe sell for?

In 2007, his painting White Canoe sold at Sotheby’s for $11.3 million, then an auction record for a living European artist. In February 2013, his painting, The Architect’s Home in the Ravine, sold for $12 million at a London auction.

What kind of painting is Spearfish by Peter Doig?

Spearfish (Red Moon) (2019) shows an armed diver in a green boat, accompanied, incongruently, by a woman in a yellow raincoat. These discordant elements are further exacerbated by the red leaves that hang above the figures like pregnant orbs of fruit and the gloomy purple mountains in the distance.