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What kind of blade does a tanto knife use?


What kind of blade does a tanto knife use?

Due to the style and strength of this blade and tip type it is an obvious choice for a fixed blade knife. This makes for some of the strongest and most capable combat knives and close quarters defensive blades. Some of the more popular tanto knives today still come from Cold Steel as well as brands such as; CRKT, Kershaw, Ka-Bar]

What’s the difference between a reverse tanto and a sheepsfoot blade?

The Sheepsfoot blade style is very similar to the reverse tanto and many people would say they are just slight variations of the same style. The Sheepsfoot blade has the same backwards sloping tip edge as the reverse tanto however it usually also has a more rounded tip than a reverse tanto.

Where is the sheathe on a Ka Bar Tanto?

The sheathe the Ka Bar Tanto came with is ridiculous. There are three (3) secure spots that I have to undo before I can deploy it. One across the bottom of the handle like the leather sheathe, one going across the part that separates the blade from the handle, and a final secure “latch” that you have to bend back in order to get the knife out.

Do you wear a tanto with a katana?

At times, the tanto was worn together with a Tachi sword, before the daisho combination of Katana and Wakizashi, the Tanto has been in function for centuries, due its small size, it is still preferred by many. All of our Tanto swords are made of high carbon steel and are traditionally made.

When did the first Tanto folding knife come out?

The tanto knife first appeared around the year 900, and is a favorite among collectors today. At Knife Depot, you’ll find a vast tanto blade selection, including single- and double-edged knives, straight and serrated blades as well as fixed-blade and folding styles.

What’s the difference between a standard Tanto and a reverse Tanto?

One of the main difference with the reverse tanto vs a standard tanto is the obvious angle difference between the two. The reverse tanto’s front edge sweeps backwards tot he spine rather than the standard tanto angle. The other main difference is that the front angle of the reverse tanto is usually not sharpened.