Common questions

What kind of elevators do KONE Corporation use?


What kind of elevators do KONE Corporation use?

KONE offers innovative and eco-efficient passenger and goods elevators for all types of buildings, from low and mid-rise structures to the world’s tallest skyscrapers. We provide solutions which ease the flow of people and goods in new buildings, as well as those where the elevators need modernizing and existing buildings without elevators.

What kind of products does KONE Corporation make?

Our versatile product portfolio features a wide range of innovative products including elevators, escalators, autowalks, automatic building doors, monitoring, access and destination control systems. Optimize the flow of people throughout your building. Ensure worry-free people flow for years to come.

What kind of elevator is Kone Transys DX?

KONE TranSys™ DX Discover the machine room-less KONE TranSys™ DX goods and passenger elevator for demanding people flow environments like public transport, retail, and medical facilities. Elevator connectivity

When did Kone start making escalators in Finland?

KONE opened a new elevator testing laboratory at the top of its 68-meter-high test tower in Hyvinkää, Finland, in the summer of 1976. This enabled the testing of elevator speeds of up to 7 meters per second. KONE started escalator production based on its own design at Chateauroux in France.

When did Kone start to make industrial cranes?

KONE started producing industrial cranes to counter weak elevator sales. It also began producing its own electric motors, determined to boost and gain better control over the quality of its products. In 1939 KONE celebrated the production of its 3,000th elevator.

Do you need a control room for the KONE EcoSpace?

Space savings – KONE EcoSpace does not need a separate machine room thanks to the KONE EcoDisc hoisting motor, which is so compact that it can be located in the hoistway. There is no need for a control room as the KONE EcoSpace control and logic components fit inside the wall of the top elevator landing.

Who is the Managing Director of Kone Middle East?

Employed by KONE since 2001. Previously served at KONE as Regional Managing Director for KONE Middle East and Africa 2010-2021. Prior to that Samer has held various leadership positions in the region, including Managing Director for KONE Qatar 2007-2010 and Managing Director for KONE Distributor Business 2004-2007.