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What kind of products does Audiovox Corporation make?


What kind of products does Audiovox Corporation make?

Audiovox Corporation is an international leader in the marketing of cellular telephones, consumer electronics, auto sound, vehicle security, and mobile video systems. The company markets its products under its own brands and private labels through a distribution network that includes Bell operating companies.

When did Audiovox split into wireless and Electronics?

Audiovox was divided in 1999 into a Wireless Group and an Electronics Group. The Wireless Group, acting through Audiovox Communications Corp., a 95 percent-owned subsidiary, was selling handsets and accessories. It raised its sales 110 percent in 1999 and accounted for 80 percent of company revenue.

What was the sales of Audiovox handsets in 1999?

With a full digital line in place, Audiovox was projecting sales of 5.3 million handsets in 1999 and 7.1 million in 2000. During 1999 it moved from fifth to third place among handset suppliers in North America, according to a survey. For 2000, the company was planning to add such features as Internet access and other interactive technologies.

When did Audiovox start making home security systems?

In 1989 Audiovox introduced a $399 wireless home security system with remote dialing. The following year it added facsimile machines, and in 1991 it marketed what supplier Toshiba called the world’s smallest portable telephone.

What makes an Audiovox headrest system so good?

Audiovox is delivering more choices in device connectivity, more capability to enhance entertainment and more value than ever before. Our new Headrest systems incorporate certified HDMI inputs that give the user direct connection to any HDMI enabled device: smart phones, tablets, even Smart-TV devices.

When did Audiovox come out with digital phones?

Audiovox came out with a digital phone using a CDMA chip in 1998 and TDMA and GSM models in 1999. The company offered wireless carriers special marketing packages, including providing warranty repairs.