What pedals does Hetfield use?


What pedals does Hetfield use?

James Hetfield’s Guitar Effects:

  • – ProCo Rat Distortion pedal. Used on “Kill ’em All” in combination with a modified Marshall.
  • – Ibanez Tube Screamer.
  • – TC Electronic G-Major 2.
  • – MXR Phase 100.
  • – Digitech Whammy.
  • – Dunlop Cry Baby Wah.
  • – Line 6 DM4.
  • – Klon Centaur.

How do I make my guitar sound like Metallica?

More Tips to Sound Like Metallica

  1. Use the neck pickup to give your palm-muting sections, riffs and solos some more bite.
  2. Use heavier gauge strings to achieve a fuller tone.
  3. Consider using a distortion pedal to add better quality gain to your tone.

Does James Hetfield use a distortion pedal?

In terms of effects pedals, there really aren’t many that Hetfield has used over the years. He’s more of an old school kind of guy. We can start this very short list of guitar pedals with his distortions, which there are two. He is either going to be running a ProCat Rat, or the legendary Ibanez Tube Screamer.

Does Metallica use distortion?

Metallica aren’t distinguished for using pedals to achieve their core tones. James Hetfield has famously stated that he prefers the direct distorted tone from an amplifier, as opposed to relying on pedals.

What cables do Metallica use?

Metallica’s shows requires heavy use of RF, and their literally explosive and high-voltage stage machinery devastates whatever quality remains after they coordinate freqs. Hetfield, Hammett, and Trujillo use up to 14 instruments each, per show, and every one of them is rigged with wireless guitar transmitters.

Does Metallica play in drop D?

Drop D Tuning Strangely enough, the most popular alternate tuning, Drop D, is not a popular tuning with Metallica. There are only two songs that feature Drop D exclusively: All Nightmare Long.

Who was the rhythm guitarist for Metallica in 1991?

Metallica, Black Album (1991) Guitarist: James Hetfield (rhythm part only) What’s genuinely sad but true is that you’ll need to spend a fortune if you want to duplicate James Hetfield’s monstrous rhythm guitar tone on this track with a rig identical to what he originally used.

What kind of bass guitar does Metallica use?

Robert Trujillo – Bass, Backing Vocals Robert’s slap style bass really brings in the heavy and deep bass sound that has been pair perfectly with the drums for the backbone of Metallica. As his list isn’t as complex as James or Kirts, he keeps a nice stash of Warwick 5 string basses on tour.

What kind of Lead amp does Metallica use?

For leads, I use a low gain setting on the ADA MP-1, but switch on an Ibanez Tube Screamer. Using the Tube Screamer in conjunction with a tube amp really brings out the tube qualities of the amp. And there’s just something about that simple, raw, gritty fuzz box sound.

What kind of PA system does Metallica use?

The PA system is mostly a Meyer sound system with a lot of watts for a lot of power. To top it off, some in-ear monitors. Writer and Developer for Metal CallOut. Favorite sub genre of heavy metal includes Melodic Death, Thrash and Traditional.