What quarterback has the most touchdowns in NFL history?


What quarterback has the most touchdowns in NFL history?

NFL History – Touchdown Pass Leaders

Touchdown Pass Leaders
2 Drew Brees 571
3 Peyton Manning 539

How many NFL QBS have thrown 50 tds in a season?


Player TD Year
Peyton Manning+ (37) 55 2013
Tom Brady (30) 50 2007
Patrick Mahomes (22) 50 2018
Peyton Manning+ (28) 49 2004

How many NFL quarterbacks have thrown 5 touchdowns in a game?

Only three quarterbacks have thrown for five touchdown passes in a game over 40 (Brady, Moon, and Drew Brees) with Brady becoming the first quarterback to do it twice.

What quarterbacks have over 400 touchdowns?

Roethlisberger is the eighth quarterback to reach 400 career touchdown passes. He joins Tom Brady (591), Drew Brees (571), Peyton Manning (539), Brett Favre (508), Phillip Rivers (421), Dan Marino (420), and Aaron Rodgers in that company.

Who threw the most touchdowns in one game?

In the National Football League (NFL), eight quarterbacks share the record of having thrown seven touchdown passes in a single game….List of NFL quarterbacks with seven touchdown passes in a game.

No. 1
Player Sid Luckman
Date November 14, 1943
Team Chicago Bears
Opponent New York Giants

Who is the best quarterback in NFL history?

Tom Brady. This debate ended in the aftermath of Super Bowl LI.

  • Joe Montana. Montana doesn’t have the numbers of a guy like Manning but he won and won big during his career.
  • Johnny Unitas.
  • Peyton Manning.
  • John Elway.
  • Otto Graham.
  • Brett Favre.
  • Dan Marino.
  • Roger Staubach.
  • Aaron Rodgers.
  • Who has the most career touchdown passes in the NFL?

    1. Peyton Manning. Peyton Manning, who played 17 NFL seasons for the Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos before retiring after winning Super Bowl 50 in February 2016, holds the league record for most career touchdown passes with 539.

    Who is the winningest quarterback in the NFL?

    In the NFL, the quarterback is the only position that is credited with records of wins and losses. Active quarterback Tom Brady holds the record for the most regular seasons with 217.

    Who are the top 10 QB of all time?

    NFL’s 10 Greatest Quarterbacks of All Time 10. Dan Marino 9. Terry Bradshaw 8. John Elway 7. Steve Young 6. Brett Favre 5. Johnny Unitas 4. Peyton Manning 3. Bart Starr 2. Tom Brady 1. Joe Montana Honorable Mention