What To Consider Before Running A Virtual Team Building Activity

What To Consider Before Running A Virtual Team Building Activity

Turning to virtual or remote work set-up becomes a challenge for other companies and businesses. The change and the adjustments are not only for the employees but more so the employers. Of course, despite the change, the employers would like to see the same productivity to all their employees across.

Challenging it may seem but there are workarounds that can help employers watch over their employees even if they are not seeing each other physically. Video calls are now available to do coaching sessions and meetings, and for quick Q&As, there are chat services that anyone can access to send messages to anyone they want to reach.

Remote work set-up offers many advantages, like cheaper operating cost, and convenience to both employees and employers. But needless to say, you cannot deny the fact that managing a business is a lot easier if you can see your employees in person.

Uplifting the morale of the employees is easier if you can speak to him/her in person than virtually, but if at the moment you have no choice but to work on a remote set-up, be strategic and ensure that everyone from your team is engaged with their work. You might be asking, is there a way for you to do that? Yes there is, and preparing virtual team building activities is one of them.

But before you get too excited, it is only fair if you know important things to consider when executing such activities.

  • Make Everyone Available

The purpose of this activity is to unite the team and somehow build camaraderie even from afar. It defeats its purpose if only a few from your employees can participate. It is best to send an invite earlier, so everyone can free up their schedule on the time you set. You may also want to get their attendance by allowing them to decline or accept the invitation.

If decline response is more than accept, you may want to change it to another date. If you cannot let everyone participate, try to invite as many employees as possible or at the least 80% of the employee’s total population.

  • Cascade The Game Mechanics In A Clear Manner

What made others not interested participating in different activities is because they do not know what to do or they do not understand the instructions of the game. Make sure that the mechanics of the game is cascaded in a manner where everyone would understand.

Do not commence with the game unless everyone is excited and ready to play.

  • Make Sure That This Activity Won’t Affect Their Productivity

Do not run a remote team activity on timeslot or day when work is heavy. Do not let them play and harass them afterwards to submit their task. This will make them feel more stressed than tired instead of relaxed and happy, which by the way is the purpose of this activity. Find a perfect time when everyone can participate without affecting their work.