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What year is a G20 Yamaha Golf Cart?


What year is a G20 Yamaha Golf Cart?

G-Series (1979 – 2002)

G1 – Electric Models
Serial Number Year
JR1-100101 1997
JR1-000101 1996
G20 – Gas Models

How much is a new Yamaha electric golf cart?

Yamaha – NEW When purchasing a brand new Yamaha golf cart, you can expect to pay anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000.

How do you tell the year of a Yamaha golf cart?

To find out the model and year of your Yamaha Golf Cart the first thing you will need is to find your cart’s SERIAL NUMBER.

  1. Under the seat where the floor board meets the motor compartment.
  2. Under the rear bumper on the frame.
  3. Under driver side glove box.

How much does a 2020 Yamaha golf cart cost?

Yamaha Drive 2 This new Yamaha cart is available for as much as $7,200 or as low as $6,600 or so. The price all varies depending on where you buy the vehicle, as some dealers will provide better deals than others. The low-price range of this cart means that you aren’t going to get a lot of bells and whistles.

Is Club car better than Yamaha?

Club Car golf carts are better than Yamaha golf carts due to their strong aluminum framework. Aluminum makes the Club Car sturdier and aids in a steady ride even on bumpy roads. This is difficult to achieve with steel-framed golf carts.

Are Yamaha golf carts reliable?

Most people firmly believe that Yamaha Gas carts are more reliable, durable, and comfortable than EZGO Gas carts. Yamaha Gas Carts are also faster and more powerful than EZGO Gas carts.

When did the Yamaha G22 golf cart come out?

The Yamaha G22 or better known as the G-MAX began production in 2003 and the serial number is located inside the drivers side glove compartment. The Yamaha Drive is the newest addition the the Yamaha Golf Car line and began production in 2007.

What makes a Yamaha golf car so good?

When it comes to your new Yamaha golf car, using Yamaha Genuine Parts and Accessories ensures they run the same as day one. In fact, the same team of engineers that designed your Yamaha golf car worked hand-in-hand with Yamaha product planners to guarantee our accessories look right, fit right and perform right.

What kind of wheel assembly does a Yamaha golf car use?

Dress up your Drive² with our 10″ Casino Alloy Wheel Assembly that daringly mixes stunning angles with detailed, black-accented finesse. This quick detailer will restore a lustrous shine to paint, chrome, glass, and smooth plastics like visors, windshields, and gauges. Gives textured plastics, rubber, and vinyl a beautiful satin finish.

What kind of suspension does a Yamaha golf car have?

A REPUTATION FOR INNOVATION. Backed by decades of innovation and performance, Yamaha designs with every last detail in mind. Yamaha offers the first Independent Rear Suspension in the industry on both the QuieTech EFI and PowerTech AC cars. Plus, other modern leading advances like the AGM and FLA battery options put Yamaha in a class all its own.