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Whats the biggest bar you can put on a STIHL MS391?


Whats the biggest bar you can put on a STIHL MS391?

The Stihl MS391 has a 64.1cc engine, the MS362 has a 59.0cc engine. Stihl says the MS391 can handle up to a 20″ bar and the MS362 can handle up to a 25″ bar.

How long should a chainsaw bar be?

The Proper Size for a Chainsaw A basic guide is that the chainsaw should be at least 2 inches longer than the thickness of whatever branch or tree is being cut. For example, if the branch is 8 inches thick, the guide bar (or blade) of the ideal chainsaw should be at least 10 inches long.

What size bars does STIHL make?

STIHL guide bars range from 10″ (found on our tree-trimming pole pruners) to an incredible 59″ (used in extreme felling operations). STIHL manufactures over eighty bar configurations to match the unique cutting requirements of our hardworking chainsaws.

How much is a Stihl MS 391 worth?

Starting at $629.99 with a 18″ bar and chain. STIHL engine technology means low fuel consumption, longer run times and reduced emissions in this high-powered chain saw. The MS 391 features our newest engine technology that adds fuel efficiency while reducing emissions as compared to other models.

What is the longest working chainsaw ever built?

A working chainsaw measuring 6.98 m (22 ft 11 in) long and 1.83 m (6 ft) high was made by Moran Iron Works, Inc. of Onaway, Michigan, USA in 1996. Named `Big Gus’, it was put on display at Da Yoopers Tourist Trap at Ishpening, Michigan, USA.

What is the most popular chainsaw bar length?

If you’re looking for a chainsaw to use out on the farm, then the 18-inch bar is recommended as the most versatile. It can be used to cut down trees up to 32 inches in diameter (cut through one side, and then the other) and will easily cut through branches for pruning.

Can I fit a longer bar to my chainsaw?

Generally speaking, the higher the power of a chainsaw, the longer the guide bar it can handle….Bar length based on chainsaw power.

Engine Type Power Rating Compatible Bars
Gas 25 – 35 CC 12 – 16 Inches
Gas 35 – 45 CC 12 – 18 Inches
Gas 45 – 60 CC 16 – 20 Inches
Plug-in Electric 8-12 Amps 10 – 16 Inches

How much is a Stihl 461?

STIHL MS 461 Chain Saw

Versions Featured Price
MS 461 – 16” Bar $1,299.95*
MS 461 – 18″ Bar $1,309.95*
MS 461 – 20″ Bar $1,319.95*
MS 461 – 24″ Bar $1,339.95*

What’s the biggest bar a MS 390 / 391 can use?

Both saws are 64cc’s and Stihl recomends up to a 25 inch bar but I seen people using a 28 inch bar. Do yall think it would be ok to use a 30 inch bar on it or is that too much work on the saw? I wouldnt want to run it in hardwoods, softwoods for a emergency cut every now and then. Run full skip chain for that occasional cut with the longer bar.

What are the specs of a Stihl MS 391?

Key specs 1 maximum noise level: 115 dB 2 weight: 6.2 kg 3 bar length: 50, 40 cm 4 oil tank: 0.35 l 5 power: 3281 W 6 power source: Petrol driven 7 fuel tank capacity: 64.1 cm³

Which is better MS 311 or MS 391 chainsaw?

Though equal in weight, the MS 391 is more powerful than the MS 311. Add to that an optimal power-to-weight ratio and you have a chainsaw that’s cut out for the big jobs in field, farm and ranch. Felling trees, cutting firewood and cleanup after the storm just got a whole lot easier with the rugged MS 391. Are You Ready for a STIHL?

How big is a MS 390 / 391 buzzboard?

As for all the comments about how weak it is..ive been beating the shit out of this thing for 3 years and yesterday did vertical slab through a 38″ long, 35″ diameter maple with little more than its own weight and a chain halfway to needing sharpening. I know there are some tight saws out there that make shredded paper out of big wood.