When can you see the firefall in Yosemite?


When can you see the firefall in Yosemite?

The Firefall only occurs at sunset in mid- to late-February. During that time, the setting sun hits Yosemite Valley at just the right angle to illuminate the upper reaches of Horsetail Fall. Feb 17-19 is generally considered the “peak,” but the Firefall can light up nicely 6-7 days before or 3-4 days after the peak.

Which waterfall is firefall in Yosemite?

Horsetail Fall
Firefall photo (left) courtesy of the Yosemite Archives. Horsetail Fall photo (right) by Christine Fey. Horsetail Fall flows over the eastern edge of El Capitan in Yosemite Valley. This small waterfall usually flows only during winter and is easy to miss.

When did they stop the fire falls at Yosemite?

Jan 25, 1968
Despite howls of protest from the public, the National Park Service stood firm in its decision to permanently end the Yosemite Firefall. A final ceremonial Firefall was held on Jan 25, 1968.

Does firefall still happen in Yosemite?

‘Firefall’ 2021 lights up in orange glory — and Yosemite has extended the viewing. (CNN) — For all the world, it looks like dangerous hot lava streaming down the side of a cliff. But no, that’s not volcanic activity in Yosemite National Park in California.

Where can I shoot Yosemite firefall?

There are various locations to shoot Firefall within Yosemite National Park, but the most popular are at the El Capitan Picnic Area and on Southside Drive between the Cathedral Picnic area and Sentinel Beach Picnic area. It’s the only place with two turnouts directly across from each other.

Where can I see firefall?

To see the firefall at the 1,575-foot Horsetail Fall—located on the east side of El Capitan in Yosemite Valley—conditions have to be nearly perfect. In addition to clear skies so that the sun can hit the waterfall, there also has to be enough snow melted so that the waterfall is flowing.

Which waterfall is firefall?

Yosemite Firefall – Horsetail Fall. The natural Firefall is one of Yosemite National Park’s most amazing spectacles. Around the second week of February, the setting sun hits Horsetail Fall at just the right angle to illuminate the upper reaches of the waterfall.

What causes firefall at Yosemite?

What causes the Yosemite Firefall? According to YosemiteFirefall.com, the Firefall happens when the setting sun reflects off of Horsetail Fall at a certain angle, which lights up the upper part of the falls, and creates emblazing orange and red hues.

How many waterfalls are in Yosemite?

There are more than 25 waterfalls at Yosemite National Park, ranging in size from the 100-foot-tall Alder Creek Falls to the 2,425-foot-tall Yosemite Falls. Many of the most famous waterfalls at Yosemite can be seen from designated viewpoints or after a short walk along paved, often-accessible trails.

Where can I see Firefall?