When did Billy Graham come to Kansas City?

When did Billy Graham come to Kansas City?

Billy Graham’s crusades in Kansas City. First image is from his 10-day crusade at Municipal Stadium in September 1967. Other images are from his 4-day October 2004 Heart of America Crusade at Arrowhead Stadium.

Where was Billy Graham’s first crusade?

Los Angeles
But it was his first crusade, in Los Angeles in 1949, that catapulted him to religious stardom. He called it the Greater Los Angeles Billy Graham Crusade at the “Canvas Cathedral With the Steeple of Light.” Graham, then 30, drew 350,000 people over eight weeks to a huge tent at Washington Boulevard and Hill Street.

Where was Billy Graham’s last crusade?

On June 24–26, 2005, Graham began what he said would be his last North American crusade, three days at Flushing Meadows–Corona Park in the borough of Queens, New York City.

What were the Billy Graham crusades?

Billy Graham’s crusades were evangelistic campaigns conducted by Billy Graham between 1947 and 2005. The first Billy Graham evangelistic campaign, held September 13–21, 1947, in the Civic Auditorium in Grand Rapids, Michigan, was attended by 6,000 people. He would rent a large venue, such as a stadium, park, or street.

Did Billy Graham visit Nigeria?

He visited Nigeria in the 1960s and you won’t believe it, the crusade held along Marina as of that time and it was quite successful. He came back thereafter and the dates I can’t remember. Evangelist Billy Graham was a leader that set a new direction for evangelical Christianity in Nigeria in the 20th century.

Did Billy Graham visit India?

Probably, he would have made three visits to India between 1956 and late 80s. As far as Chennai is concerned, the landmark events of Billy Graham were in 1956 and 1977. During one of his visits, he not only came to Chennai, but also visited Palayamkottai.

Where is Billy Graham buried?

Billy Graham Library, Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Billy Graham/Place of burial

Can you visit Billy Graham’s home?

Visitors are welcome to tour part of the Billy Graham Conference Center at The Cove. Located on 1,200 acres about five miles from downtown Asheville and nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, The Cove hosts many events, conferences and seminars for groups, as well as programs for individuals to join.