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When did England play Germany at White Hart Lane?

When did England play Germany at White Hart Lane?

December 4th 1935
Official programme for the England v Germany international played at White Hart Lane, December 4th 1935. England won the match 3-0.

Why do Germany play in white?

Germany: According to the book entitled “All the Colors of Football” by Sergio Salvi and Alessandro Savorelli, the Mannschaft wear white because the German Football Federation was founded in 1900 when white was the national color of the country between 1867 and 1918 as in the former flag of the German Empire Prussia.

Does Germany have a football team?

The Germany national football team (German: Deutsche Fußballnationalmannschaft or Die Mannschaft) represents Germany in men’s international football and played its first match in 1908. The team is governed by the German Football Association (Deutscher Fußball-Bund), founded in 1900.

Why does Germany wear white and black?

From 1867, the black, white, and red colours became the flag of the newly established federated state; the tricolour derived from the combination of the Prussian black and white with the white and red flag of the North German Hanseatic League.

Why does Germany have 4 stars on their jersey?

Germany’s four stars represent their World Cup victories in 1954, 1974, 1990, and 2014.

Does White Hart Lane still exist?

White Hart Lane was a football stadium in Tottenham, North London and the home of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club from 1899 to 2017. The stadium was fully demolished after the end of the 2016–17 season and was replaced by Tottenham Hotspur Stadium as the club’s home ground.

Why is Germany so good at football?

Yet Germany’s focus on technique, tactical awareness and positioning allows talented players, however diminutive, to make the grade as long as they’re good enough. Next time you watch Germany play, pay attention to how often the ball is lost due to a poor first touch, or how often possession is given away cheaply.