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When was the Budweiser Wassup commercial?


When was the Budweiser Wassup commercial?

The original Whassup ad aired between 1999 and 2002, ushering in a wave of viral ad hits. It was based on the short film True by Charles Stone III in which a group of African-American men phone each other while watching sport, with the dialogue centre around yells of “whassup?.

What is up in Bud Light?

Whassup? (also known as Wazzup) was a commercial campaign for Anheuser-Busch Budweiser beer from 1999 to 2002. The first spot aired during Monday Night Football on December 20, 1999. The ad campaign ran worldwide and became a pop culture catchphrase, comically slurring “what’s up?”.

What is Budweiser’s slogan?

King of Beers
Budweiser releases new slogan: King of Beers. US beer brand Budweiser recently released a TV commercial touting itself as the “King of Beers,” Korean distributor Oriental Brewery said.

What kind of dog is in the Budweiser commercial?

Spuds MacKenzie is a fictional dog (bull terrier) character used for an extensive advertising campaign marketing Bud Light beer in the late 1980s. The Spuds MacKenzie mascot and campaign was the idea of a 23-year-old art director, Jon Moore.

Who started the Wassup trend?

The idea behind the ”Whassup?! ” commercials, developed for Anheuser-Busch by DDB Worldwide Chicago, was simple. In the initial spot, called ”Whassup True,” four male friends, speaking over the phone, greeted one another with the slang phrase ”Whassup?! ” The answer— ”Watching the game.

Where did the saying wassup come from?

The campaign came from a short film created by Charles Stone III, 34, a music video director. Called ”True,” the film shows Mr. Stone and his friends from the Philadelphia area where he was raised, greeting one another with the slang phrase ”Whassup” — always with their mouths wide open and tongues wagging.

What is Heineken’s slogan?

Open Your World
Heineken’s ‘Open Your World’ tagline has been around since 2011, with campaigns under the strapline helping it win two Cannes Lions awards.