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Where are fuses on Road King?


Where are fuses on Road King?

Fuses are located under left side cover.

Where’s the fuse box on a Harley Davidson?

Fuse Box Location On the Harley Davidson Touring, the fuse box is often located under your seat, or sometimes under the left side cover. You can access that by removing the bolt on the back of the seat and sliding the seat off. The fuse box will be right there waiting for you.

What is the P&A fuse on a Harley?

P&A fuse (2): A 15A fuse that protects the circuits of any installed accessories. Battery fuse (3): A 15A fuse that protects all the circuits. If the battery fuse fails while the engine is running, the engine will continue to run and critical circuits like the ABS brakes will continue to function.

Where are the fuses on a 2020 Street Glide?

You will find your fuses on the left side of your bike behind the triangular side cover.

What does Harley System relay do?

Yes the system relay gives power to the fuel pump and the injectors. The ECM triggers the injectors by grounding them and activates the system relay by grounding it also.

What is AP and a fuse?

Plug Fuses are for industrial and residential applications. Standard time delay fuses are for motor loads. For Canadian requirements, a type “P” fuse is used for non-motor loads and type “D” fuses are used for electric heating and cycling loads circuits.

Where is the fuse box on a Harley Davidson?

I know the fuse box is under the seat of my 03 softail heritage, but where is the main fuse I believe it’s a 40a fuse. I’ve seen video saying to turn ignition on wait for light to turn off, then remove the main fuse and then the battery can be removed.

Where is the fuse panel on 1989flhtcu?

Found them they were covered in dust after removing the dust from the top I could see the map to the fuses. It’s not on the left side unless you have to take apart one of the 2 boxes located on the left side. Where is the fuse panel on 1989FLHTCU?

Is there a 40 Amp Fuse on a 2003 Harley Davidson?

You do not have a 40 amp main fuse on your 2003 Heritage. You have a 30 amp main breaker. You do not need to perform any specific procedure prior to disconnecting your battery. Even if you have an active security system.

What does a fuse box cover look like?

The fuse box cover is a plastic lid with a diagram of all the fuses and relays. So if you have an issue with your turn signals, you can locate the fuse responsible for that, then inspect it and replace it if you need to. Figure 1. Typical fuse box location. As we mentioned above, the fuse box has a cover that has a diagram printed on it.