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Where can I find BNK3R?


Where can I find BNK3R?

BNK3R is a boss located in The Bunker. It’s also a storyline boss for the mission Where Angels Fear To Tread.

What Legendaries does BNK3R drop?

The BNK-3R has a 10% chance to drop only one of the following rare items when killed:

  • Bitch (3.33%)
  • The Sham (3.33%)
  • One class-specific head (3.33%): Axton – Space Knight. Gaige – Digitized Death. Krieg – LOOK IN MY EYE DAMMIT. Maya – Shrapnel Slayer. Salvador – The Baron. Zer0 – Unreality.

Does Bloodwing drop any Legendaries?

SOM has a chance to drop the legendary the Skullmasher; Bloodwing also shares the same loot drops.

Can you slag the BNK3R?

Was killing him as Gaige and went to slag a loader with my Slagga. Close Enough/the Nth degree must have ricocheted some slag his way and I suddenly killed him a hell of a lot faster than usual.

What is the drop rate of the sham shield?

a 3.33%
BNK3R has a 3.33% chance to drop The Sham. The Sham is an excellent choice to assist in the completion of the “Ammo Eater” challenge.

Can you slag the warrior bl2?

It resides within a Vault in the northern reaches of the planet, and can be controlled through the use of the Vault Key. The Warrior is a colossal beast, with four legs, two arms, a pair of wings, and a long tail that can fire a laser of slag energy.

What sham 94%?

The Sham is a legendary absorb shield manufactured by Vladof.

Who drops the sham?

The Sham is a Legendary absorb shield in Borderlands 2 manufactured by Vladof. The Sham is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source but has an increased chance to drop from BNK-3R located in The Bunker.

Where are the weak spots on the bnk3r?

Really you just have to be sure to keep moving and avoiding the lasers that will travel across the platform. The BNK3R’s has two weak spots to make sure your ‘tea parties’ count: number one being the big red eye on the lower half of the front of it and number two being the set of eyes that get revealed occasionally.

How does bnk3r get back to the archway?

The easiest way to cause this is to use the Commando’s Sabre Turret at a high level. If done properly, BNK3R’s health will drop to near zero before stopping so that it would be able to fly back to the archway.

What kind of turret does the bnk3r have?

BNK-3R has a cluster of optics at the front and a large swivel eye underneath that offer several readily accessible critical hit spots. The turrets are similarly vulnerable targets.

Where to find bnk3r in Borderlands 2?

BNK3R is a boss located in The Bunker. It’s also a storyline boss for the mission Where Angels Fear To Tread.