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Where does Australia rank in county size?


Where does Australia rank in county size?

List of countries (and dependencies) ranked by area

# Country Tot. Area (Km²)
3 China 9,706,961
4 United States 9,372,610
5 Brazil 8,515,767
6 Australia 7,692,024

Is Australia larger than Europe?

Australia’s land mass is: almost as great as that of the United States of America. about 50 per cent greater than Europe, and. 32 times greater than the United Kingdom.

What are the 4 largest countries in Australia?

Largest Countries In Oceania 2021

Rank Country Area (mi²)
1 Australia 2,969,121 mi²
2 Papua New Guinea 178,656 mi²
3 New Zealand 104,400 mi²
4 Solomon Islands 11,154 mi²

Which country is biggest in world?

Russia is the largest country by far, with a total area of about 17 million square kilometers. Despite its large area, Russia – nowadays the largest country in the world – has a relatively small total population. However, its population is still rather large in numbers in comparison to those of other countries.

How big is Australia compared to the rest of the world?

On this page. Related Information. Australia is the planet’s sixth largest country after Russia, Canada, China, the USA, and Brazil. At 7 692 024 km 2, it accounts for just five percent of the world’s land area of 149 450 000 km 2, and although it is the smallest continental land mass, it is the world’s largest island.

Which is the biggest state in Australia by land area?

Biggest Australian States and Territories By Land Area Rank State Land Area (sq km) 1 Western Australia 2,526,786 2 Queensland 1,723,936 3 Northern Territory 1,335,742 4 South Australia 978,810

Where do I find the area of Australia?

Calculations on Australia’s area are based on the coastline data as explained in Geoscience Australia’s GEODATA Coast 100K 2004 page.

Where do most of the people in Australia live?

A large majority of the region’s 5,000,000 people reside along the coast mainly in cities as 10 of the 30 largest cities in Australia are found in the state.