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Where is the head office of Air Liquide Philippines?


Where is the head office of Air Liquide Philippines?

Air Liquide Philippines Head Office: 12F Ecotower, 32nd St. cor. 9th Ave. Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City Tel: +63 2 838 1780 to 83 Fax: +63 2 838 1753 and 55

Who are the major customers of Air Liquide?

Air Liquide Large Industries U.S. LP supplies large quantities of industrial gases to its customers in the metals, chemicals, refining and energy industries. Due to their substantial gas consumption and their need for highly reliable continuous supply, delivery must be ensured through a dedicated plant or via…

How many employees does Schulke Air Liquide have?

It employs 700 employees in 14 countries and have more than 6,000 customers in 100 countries, 80 distributors and 4 production sites. Schülke specializes in preservation and industrial hygiene, fighting global disease and contamination before they occur.

Where is Air Liquide advanced business and technologies?

Houston, Texas is home to one of Air Liquide’s five engineering centers worldwide. New energies: Air Liquide Advanced Business & Technologies (aB) develops, shapes and incubates significant new markets, sustainable for Air Liquide and our society.

When did Air Liquide start in the Philippines?

Air Liquide Philippines, a fully owned subsidiary of Air Liquide, started its operations in 1994 and now employs more than 260 people. We operate air separation units (ASU), hydrogen plants, carbon dioxide plants, cylinder refilling stations and depots, on-site plants and pipelines nationwide.

When did Air Liquide become a world leader?

Air Liquide, a world leader in gases, technologies and services for industry and health, has been building its leadership ever since the business was founded in 1902. Day after day, innovation after innovation, we have grown continuously to conquer new markets. Retrace the milestones of our long history here. 1902 – 1913

How many people are employed by Air Liquide?

Air Liquide employs 260 people in Philippines and 50,000 worldwide. It is through the excellence of our employees that Air Liquide has become a world leader in gases, technology and services for Industry and Health.

What can you do with Air Liquide cadetship?

Air Liquide Philippines’ Cadetship Program is a unique training opportunity in the field of plant operations, maintenance, and process control. The program leads participants to become process operators.