Which 20p pieces are valuable?


Which 20p pieces are valuable?

✅ 20p coins that are worth money

  • The bronze 20p – minted in 1987 & worth up to £700.
  • The undated 20p coin – minted in 2008 & worth up to £200.
  • Isle of Man 20p – The Manx International Rally worth around £5.
  • Gibraltar 20p – Worth about £3 at online auction.
  • Guernsey 20p coin – This Channel Island coins is worth £2.50.

How much is a Queen of Gibraltar 20p worth?


Issuer Gibraltar
Queen Elizabeth II (1952-date)
Type Standard circulation coin
Years 2014-2016
Value 20 pence 0.20 GIP = 0.27 USD

Are Gibraltar Coins rare?

Gibraltar is the only place in Europe where it is found growing in the wild. With a mintage of just 30,000 in 1988, this 50p is 7 times rarer than the UK’s rarest 50p so is particularly scarce and sought after amongst collectors.

Are 20p coins worth anything?

These coins are still legal tender, and continue to have a face value of 20p. The undated 20p is one of the rarest coins in circulation, and the error was the first mistake that the Royal Mint has made with dates in over 300 years.

Are old 20p coins worth anything?

Unlike 50p and 10p coins, the 20p design has remained almost the same since it was first minted back in 1982, making only a handful of them actually valuable to a collector. The 20p coins that are worth the most are “mule” ones which have been minted with inaccuracies on them by mistake.

Are 20 pence pieces worth anything?

Which pound coins are rare?

According to the blog ChangeChecker, the rarest one pound coin currently in circulation is the Edinburgh £1. The coin was part of a series depicting the four capital cities of the UK and is the only £1 coin with a mintage below one million.

Which is the most valuable 20p coin in the world?

The most valuable 20p coin from “the rock” is the Keys of Gibraltar design worth around £2.50 on eBay, which is 12 and a half times its original value. They’re not rare – they were first minted in 2005 and are still available today.

Is the 20p coin the same as the 50p?

The British decimal twenty pence (20p) coin – often pronounced “twenty pee” – is a unit of currency equal to 20/100 of a pound sterling. Like the 50p coin, it is an equilateral curve heptagon. Its obverse has featured the profile of Queen Elizabeth II since the coin’s introduction on 9 June 1982.

What was the name of the 20p coin that was mismatched?

The dateless 20p piece is known in the trade as a ‘mule’ – a coin with mismatched sides. This latest mistake at the Royal Mint in Llantrisant near Cardiff happened when the date was moved from the ‘tails’ to the ‘heads’ side but the first batch accidentally kept the old heads.

How much is a 2p coin worth on eBay?

The previous mules arose when a batch of 2p coins were minted with the words ‘New Pence’ instead of ‘Two Pence’ in 1983. Christopher says: ‘These coins are worth far more than they were when made in 1983 and we can sell them for between £500 and £700, depending on their condition.’