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Which Rupert annuals are valuable?


Which Rupert annuals are valuable?

Kennith Fuller, from antiquarian book shop March Pain in London, says a 1942 Rupert annual is the rarest. Only 4,500 were published and they are worth £500 today. In good condition it could be worth as much as £800. “The individual condition makes the difference in value,” says Mr Fuller.

What year did Rupert annuals start?

Rupert first appeared in the Daily Express on 8 November 1920, as Little Lost Bear – the work of illustrator Mary Tourtel. The character, whose famous red jumper was originally blue, was part of the newspaper’s push to attract new readers.

Are Rupert annuals still published?

Rupert Bear annuals are probably some of the most avidly collected today. First published in an annual in 1936, Rupert has been published every year since, in varying formats. The famous illustrator Mary Tourtel created Rupert and he first appeared in the Daily Express issue of 8th November 1920.

What is a Rupert annual?

The Rupert Annuals are books containing stories of Rupert and his friends. The books have appeared non-stop since 1936 and every year a new annual is being published. The current publisher of the annuals since 2007 is Egmont Uk Limited publishers. The first Rupert Annual was launched in 1936.

Is Rupert Bear brown or white?

Rupert was originally depicted as a brown-faced bear, but his colour was soon changed to white to save on printing costs. Since then, all Rupert annuals have traditionally drawn him as brown-faced on the cover and white-faced inside.

Who was Rupert the bear’s best friend?

Rupert lives in the village of Nutwood with his mother and father, Mr and Mrs Bear. His closest chums are Bill Badger, Algy Pug, Podgy Pig and Edward Trunk. 4.

Is Rupert the bear a polar bear?

Synopsis. Rupert is a very intelligent and witty polar bear, and he has many friends from every corner of the world.

Is Rupert Bear still in the Daily Express?

About 50 million copies have been sold worldwide. The comic strip is published daily in the Daily Express, with many of these stories later being printed in books, and every year since 1936 a Rupert annual has also been released….

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Is Rupert Bear out of copyright?

Created by Mary Tourtel, Rupert Bear was originally published in 1920 in the Daily Express. Tourtel drew Rupert’s daily strip from 1920 – 1935; the characters and stories that appear in those first three years are in the public domain in the United States.

Are old annuals worth any money?

“The annuals have an enduring appeal and it’s good value for money – it hasn’t gone up in price for 15 years. “You often find them in charity shops or at car boots, but people do seem to collect them – they are nice things and always sell well.”