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Which Shaw played for GWS?


Which Shaw played for GWS?

Heath Shaw

Heath Shaw
2004–2013 Collingwood 173 (37)
2014–2020 Greater Western Sydney 152(5)
Total 325 (42)
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Who is Heath Shaws father?

Ray Shaw
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The son of former Magpie captain Ray Shaw, Heath Shaw was drafted under the father-son rule in the 2003 AFL Draft at pick 48.

When did Heath Shaw join GWS?

October 2013GWS GIANTS
2005Collingwood Football Club
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Has Heath Shaw retired from AFL?

Retired Giant Heath Shaw has opened up on the brutal final month of GWS’ 2020 season.

Are Rhyce Shaw and Heath Shaw related?

Rhyce is the son of former Collingwood captain Ray Shaw, and brother of Heath. He is also the nephew of premiership captain and Norm Smith Medallist, Tony Shaw and former Collingwood player Neville Shaw.

How old is Heath Shaw?

35 years (November 27, 1985)
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Are Heath and Rhyce Shaw Brothers?

Are Heath Shaw and Rhyce Shaw Brothers?

What happened to Reese Shaw?

Shaw left the Kangaroos by mutual agreement in October to deal with personal issues after a turbulent season for the club. He had two seasons left to run on a three-year contract. The 39-year-old remains a respected figure in the football industry and will now reunite with Gold Coast coach Stuart Dew.

How old is Rhyce Shaw?

39 years (October 16, 1981)
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Rhyce Shaw will play a crucial role in developing the AFL’s most exciting young list this year, with the 39-year-old former Kangaroos coach to become the Gold Coast Suns’ head of development in 2021.

How tall is Heath Shaw?

183 cm
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Why did Reece Shaw retire?

North Melbourne coach Rhyce Shaw has quit after coming to a “mutual agreement” with the club. Shaw became the Kangaroos caretaker coach halfway through last season before being handed the role full time.