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Who are the actors in Flightplan?


Who are the actors in Flightplan?


  • Jodie Foster as Kyle Pratt, a recently widowed aircraft engineer.
  • Peter Sarsgaard as Gene Carson, a sky marshal.
  • Sean Bean as Capt.
  • Kate Beahan as Stephanie, a flight attendant for Aalto Airlines who is in league with Gene.
  • Matt Bomer as Eric.
  • Amanda Brooks as Irene.
  • Jesse Burch as Row 19 Male Passenger.

Is the daughter alive in Flightplan?

At 30,000 feet, the child vanishes, and nobody will admit she was ever on the plane. The husband of aviation engineer Kyle Pratt has just died in Berlin, and now she is flying back to New York with his coffin and their six-year-old daughter Julia. Three hours into the flight Kyle awakens to find that Julia is gone.

What is the movie Flightplan about?

Airplane engineer Kyle Pratt (Jodie Foster) is heading home from Germany to New York on a double-decker Elgin 474 to bury her husband. But three hours into the flight, she awakens to find her young daughter missing — and the entire flight crew, including Capt. Rich (Sean Bean) and Air Marshal Gene Carson (Peter Sarsgaard), claims that the child was never on board. Determined to find her daughter, Kyle searches the limited space of the plane, all the while trying to maintain her sanity.
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Who is the bad guy in Flightplan?

Eugene “Gene” Carson is the main antagonist in the 2005 mystery-thriller film Flightplan.

Who is the bad guy in flight plan?

Who is Stephanie in Flightplan?

Kate Beahan
Stephanie (Kate Beahan) is a hidden villainess from the 2005 film Flightplan. She was a flight attendant on Aalto Airlines Elgin 474, with two of the flight’s passengers being aviation engineer Kyle Pratt (the film’s main protagonist) and her 6-year-old daughter, Julia.

Are there air marshals on every flight?

Yes, Air Marshals are still used on flights, but not all of them. DALLAS — Airlines say conflicts and unruly passenger behavior aboard flights are at an all-time high thanks in large part to arguments over mask mandates and other pandemic-related restrictions.