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Who is sie Kensou?


Who is sie Kensou?

Sie Kensou ( 椎 シイ 拳崇 ケンスウ ) is a character who first appeared in the SNK video game Psycho Soldier. He appears in The King of Fighters series as an active member of the Psycho Soldiers Team. Ever since his first appearance, he has always served as a comic relief character.

How old is Athena from KOF?

Athena Asamiya
Age 17 (KOF series)
Birthday March 14th
Sex Female
Height 163 cm (5’4″)

How old is Kensou?

Sie Kensou
Age 18 years ( KOF ’94 ) 19 years ( KOF series )
Height 1,72 m (5 ′ 8 ″)
Weight 61 kg (134 lb)
Birth September 23, 1978

What is Athena asamiya power?

Abilities. Psionics – Athena is a powerful psychic, being capable of harnessing several psionic abilities. Psychokinesis – Athena can move objects with her mind. Psychic projectile – Athena can condense her psychic energy into the shape of a ball and fire it at her opponent.

How old is Kula from KOF?

Kula Diamond
Series The King of Fighters
Age 18
Birthday Unknown
Sex Female

Is Kula Diamond a villain?

Kula Diamond is a heroine in the series, The King of Fighters. She is voiced by Yumi Kakazu in the Japanese version, and by Kat Cataneda in the English version.

Who was Sie Kensou in The King of Fighters?

A young man with psychic powers, Sie was adopted by Chin. Traveling together, they met Athena and founded the Psycho Soldiers. Sie fell madly in love with Athena, but she remains “just a friend”.

What does Athena do in King of Fighters 2000?

Psychic Healing – Athena can channel her psychic energy in order to heal herself or others of wounds and damage. This is seen in The King of Fighters 2000 as her striker move. Singing and Performing – Athena is a J-Pop star of established fame.

What kind of martial arts does Athena use?

Athena was taught Kung Fu by Chin Gentsai, probably the style of Wing Chun. Her stance was loosely based on Liuhebafa. While Athena is a capable hand-to-hand fighter, she mostly relies on her psychic powers to fight. Athena is not feared for her martial arts training, but she is respected and can somewhat hold her own against some fighters.

When did Sie Kensou make his first appearance?

His first appearance was in 1987 in a game called Psycho Soldier along with Athena (who he is in love with). Kensou began as one of the comic relief characters in the early KOF series. He seems to be inspired by a young Jackie Chan from the likes of The Drunken Master.