Who murdered Avis Banks?


Who murdered Avis Banks?

Carla Hughes
Carla Ann Hughes (born June 12, 1981) is a former middle school teacher from Jackson, Mississippi, who was convicted of two counts of capital murder for the November 29, 2006 slayings of her lover’s pregnant fiancee, Avis Banks, and Banks’s unborn child….

Carla Hughes
Criminal penalty Life without parole

What is Keyon Pittman doing now?

Keyon Pittman, who now lives in a different state and has been married since 2007 to a woman from Detroit, testified for the prosecution in the capital murder trial of 28-year-old Carla Hughes. Hughes is accused in the stabbing and shooting death of 27-year-old Avis Banks, who was five months’ pregnant.

What happened to Avis Banks?

Banks was shot and stabbed to death in the garage of the Ridgeland home she shared with Pittman after coming home from work. Hughes was charged and convicted of the murder of Banks and her unborn baby. Pittman wasn’t charged in the case. Hughes has maintained she is innocent of the crime.

Who killed Brian Hughes Jackson MS?

Elicia Hughes
Elicia Hughes Found Not Guilty It took jurors about two hours to deliver a verdict in the Elicia Hughes murder re-trial. The former Jackson school teacher was found not guilty of murdering her husband Brian in 2004.

Who killed Denita?

“Jermeir Stroud caused a perfect storm to happen and walked away from it,” said Superior Court Judge Ronald Stephens, after a 12-member jury found Stroud’s former mistress, Shannon Crawley, guilty of killing his fiancee, Denita Smith.

Who killed Susan facet?

Fred Andros
Fred Andros, 61, was convicted today of second-degree murder and first-degree conspiracy in the 1999 shooting death of Susan Fassett, 48, his former lover.

Where is Elicia Hughes today?

According to Sweet, Hughes was fired from the Jackson Public School District after her first trial. The attorney says she is now unemployed. Hughes has moved out of the Jackson home where Brian Hughes was killed. She now lives in Pearl with her two daughters.

Who is Dawn Silvernail?

A Greene County resident, Dawn Silvernail, admitted firing the fatal shots but testified that Mr. Andros had coerced her into committing the crime. Ms. Silvernail, who was 50 when she was arrested in 1999, is serving an 18-year-to-life sentence for second-degree murder.

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Who is Brian Hughes married to?

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Is Brian Hughes freelance?

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How did Avis Banks and Keyon Pittman meet?

The two immediately fell for each other, even though Pittman lived with his pregnant fiancée, 27-year-old Avis Banks. Hughes and Pittman’s professional relationship quickly turned into a “ sexual adventure ” full of liaisons at Hughes’ townhouse and even romantic weekends away.

Who was Avis Banks having a relationship with?

The two began having an intimate relationship. At the same time, Pittman had a live-in fiancee, Avis Banks, who was pregnant. On the night of November 29, 2006, Avis Banks, a daycare worker, was found shot and stabbed to death in the garage of her Ridgeland, Mississippi home.

Where did Avis Keyon live in Ridgeland Mississippi?

The two of them got engaged and bought a house in Ridgeland, Mississippi. But their future together ended on Nov. 30, 2006, when Keyon, 31, returned home from work to find Avis, 27, in a pool of blood on the garage floor. Parents’ worst fears.

Where was the murder of Avis Banks located?

Murder and Investigation. On the night of November 29, 2006, Avis Banks, a daycare worker, was found shot and stabbed to death in the garage of her Ridgeland, Mississippi home. Her body was discovered by her fiance Keyon Pittman, and it appeared as if the perpetrator had kicked in their back door.