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Who owns AxiomSL?


Who owns AxiomSL?

Axiom Software Laboratories, Inc.
Axiom SL/Parent organizations

What is Axiom regulatory reporting?

About us. AxiomSL combines deep industry expertise with an intelligent data management platform to deliver regulatory reporting, liquidity, capital & credit, operations, trade & transactions and tax analytics. .

What does an axiom developer do?

Designed regulatory reports and created data sources. Developed data models, portfolios and tabular reports. Prepared aggregations and free forms as per report requirements. Participated in migration of Axiom components within environments.

What is Kaufman Hall Axiom software?

“Axiom Software helps the team deliver timely, accurate information that meets the needs of our end users… Axiom reporting saves Finance about 20 hours a month.”

How much does Axiom Software cost?

Axiom pricing starts at $20.00 per month. They do not have a free version. Axiom offers a free trial.

Is axiom an ERP?

The Electronic Parts Distribution System by Axiom Software is the only ERP system designed to meet the needs of the electronic parts distribution industry.

What is Syntellis?

Syntellis Performance Solutions, previously Kaufman Hall Software, provides innovative enterprise performance management software, data and analytics solutions for healthcare, higher education and financial institutions. For more information, please visit

Who bought Kaufman Hall?

“The acquisition of Connected Analytics further enhances Kaufman Hall’s software product offerings, which continue to be invaluable to our clients during these unprecedented times,” said Jason Shideler, managing director at Madison Dearborn Partners, the majority owner of Kaufman Hall.

What do you need to know about axiomsl platform?

Ingest from any source of data, repository or ETL technology. Automatically keep track of Data Lineage. Prepare data for enrichment. Leverage collective knowledge of the industry through extensible dictionaries.

Where is the headquarter of axiomsl located?

A Global Organization Founded in 1991, AxiomSL is headquartered in New York City with regional offices worldwide. AxiomSL is a global leader in risk analytics, data-management, and regulatory-reporting solutions.

Which is virtual private cloud does axiomsl use?

AxiomSL’s RegCloud® is a virtual private cloud offering meeting the most stringent security requirements. Clients can choose to deploy the Platform or their web-enabled infrastructure. This opens in a new window.