Who wrote the Dave Robicheaux books?


Who wrote the Dave Robicheaux books?

James Lee Burke
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Dave Robicheaux (23 book series) Kindle Edition. From Book 1: From New York Times bestselling author James Lee Burke comes his definitive, must-read first title in his famous Dectective David Robicheaux series.

How old is Lee Burke?

84 years (December 5, 1936)
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How old is Dave Robicheaux?

Robicheaux is described as 54 years old in the introduction to the Recorded Books CD edition of Black Cherry Blues (the third book in the series, published in 1989), but in the third track of the audiobook, Robicheaux describes himself as 49 years old.

Where is James Lee Burke?

Houston, TX
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Born in Houston, Texas, in 1936, Burke grew up near the Texas-Louisiana coast. After attending the University of Louisiana, Lafayette, Burke completed his master’s degree in English at the University of Missouri in 1960.

Do you have to read Dave Robicheaux in order?

Susan It is worthwhile to read all of them in order. Patricia It helps. You will enjoy any of them as a stand-alone, but because there are references in each book to previous events, it makes more sense, if you intend to follow James Lee Burke, to try to read them in order.

What was the first Dave Robicheaux novel?

The Neon Rain
Burke first introduced readers to Dave Robicheaux in the 1987 novel, The Neon Rain (1987). As a homicide detective living in the French Quarter, Robicheaux commits himself to solving the murder of a victim few others care about—a black prostitute who appeared to have a history with drugs.

How many times has Dave Robicheaux been married?

He is a man who had his soul and psyche seared during a combat stint in Vietnam, by years walking a beat in New Orleans, then as a homicide detective in New Iberia. Robicheaux has seen the worst depravity and violence people are capable of. He’s been married three times; two of his wives died violently.

Is James Lee Burke still writing?

On May 26th, Detective Dave Robicheaux returns in A Private Cathedral, the latest novel from New York Times bestselling author James Lee Burke. For Robicheaux, who was last seen in New Iberia Blues (2019), this will be his twenty-third go-around, though Burke’s latest book will not take place in the present day.

Do you need to read James Lee Burke books in order?

What happened Annie Robicheaux?

Killers come to the Robicheaux home late one night. Robicheaux is unable to prevent his wife Annie from being killed. He falls off the wagon and neglects the young girl they adopted.

How many wives did Dave Robicheaux have?

Burke’s recurring hero has lost three wives, many friends and colleagues, and at various stages, faith in his country and fellow man.