Why does Miroku call Kagome Sama?

Why does Miroku call Kagome Sama?

Miroku also calls Kagome “Kagome-sama” because she’s a miko. Generally you don’t drop the honorific until the other person tells you it’s okay. Which was the case with Kagome and Sango, and why they refer to each other as “-chan” instead.

Why does Kagome say Sitboy?

Several characters have noted that Kagome is terrifying in those moment. Some are even shown cowering in fear. “Sit, boy!” is usually and likely spoken in the English dub for lip synchronization purposes. When off-screen, she usually simply remarks “sit.”

What episode do Inuyasha and Kagome kiss?

Kagome’s Voice and Kikyo’s Kiss is the twenty-third episode of the InuYasha anime. It first aired in Japan on April 16, 2001.

How does Inuyasha sit Kagome?

Others have tried and failed, and Kaede, the one who put the beads on Inuyasha in the first place, has been shown asking Kagome to make him sit on her behalf. Activating the beads causes the wearer to fall at high speeds and land agroof.

How did Menomaru disarm and kill Inuyasha?

Menōmaru stabs Inuyasha through the chest. While Sango and Miroku fell into Ruri and Hari’s trap, Menōmaru revealed himself to Inuyasha at the Goshinboku. Menōmaru immediately attacked Inuyasha and disarmed him shortly thereafter.

Why did Menomaru go to the forest of No Return?

Menōmaru knew that Inuyasha’s father had fallen in love with a human, and assumed that if he kidnapped Kagome, Inuyasha would follow him to his hide-out in the Forest of No Return, where he could be tricked into breaking the seal on Hyōga’s power. Menōmaru returned to the Tree of Ages and linked back up with Ruri and Hari.

How did Menomaru become the new Lord Hyoga?

In an effort to save Kagome Higurashi, Inuyasha was tricked into destroying his father’s fang, thereby breaking the seal on Hyōga’s power. Thus, Menōmaru was able to absorb his father’s power to become the new Lord Hyōga. Menōmaru then began absorbing souls to complete his transformation.

How did Menomaru find out about Sesshomaru’s sword?

Menōmaru observed the clash from his base through his link with one of his small demon moths. He was able to sense that Sesshōmaru’s sword lacked an aura of destruction. Menōmaru deduced that the Great Dog Demon’s other sword, the Tessaiga, had the power to break the seal on Hyōga.