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How do you do smart quotes in HTML?


How do you do smart quotes in HTML?

Add Smart Quotes to Web Pages

  1. For the curly single opening and closing quote mark (or apostrophe), use ‘ and ’ respectively.
  2. For the curly opening and closing double quotation marks, use “ and ” respectively.

What are smart quotes in code?

Smart quotes are called smart because they depend on a type of artificial intelligence known as autocorrect. At the beginning of a word, autocorrect assumes that you want a left (opening) quotation mark; in the middle of a word or at the end, you’ll get an apostrophe or a right (closing) quotation mark.

What is a smart quote?

Smart quotes are usually curved in shape and have different opening and closing versions for use at the beginning and end of quoted material, respectively. Dumb (or straight) quotes are usually simple tapered vertical or angled marks.

What is quotation in HTML?

The HTML element indicates that the enclosed text is a short inline quotation. Most modern browsers implement this by surrounding the text in quotation marks. This element is intended for short quotations that don’t require paragraph breaks; for long quotations use the element.

How to mark up a quote in HTML?

One way to mark up a quotation — and in a way that pleases the semantic code deities — is to put the blockquote within a figure element. Then, put the cite element and any other author or citation information in a figcaption. But web browsers aren’t like web servers.

Which is the HTML tag for a quotation?

The HTML tag defines a short quotation. Browsers normally insert quotation marks around the quotation. The HTML tag defines an abbreviation or an acronym, like “HTML”, “CSS”, “Mr.”, “Dr.”, “ASAP”, “ATM”.

Do you use smart quotation marks in ASCII?

If you want to use “smart” quotation marks instead, then it’s a different question, and none of the constructs has anything to do with them. Some people expect notations like ” to produce “smart” quotes, but it is easy to see that they don’t; the notations unambiguously denote the Ascii quote (“), as used in computer languages.

When to use a blockquote tag in HTML?

Blockquote tags are used for distinguishing quoted text from the rest of the content. My tenth grade English teacher drilled it into my head that any quote of four lines or longer should be set apart this way.